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June 24, 2007

Breaking: Friend of Suspect in Case of Jessie Marie Davis Arrested (Updated and bumped)

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Ferrell.jpgMultiple sources are reporting that Myisha Ferrell, a high school friend of Bobby L. Cutts Jr., is being questioned in connection with the death of Jessie Marie Davis, although sheriff's deputies investigating the case are refusing to comment on the reports. An Associated Press report says the FBI is acknowledging that Ferrell has been charged with obstruction of justice. Officials want to talk with Ferrell to determine if she had any involvement in Davis' death and her burial in a Summit County Park.

Update - Second arrest made in Davis case; neighbor talks about suspect:

Ferrell wasn't the best of neighbors. Lindstrom said she tended to have parties and guests, often until early morning. But he didn't know if Cutts ever visited.

"The few experiences I had with her were negative," Lindstrom said of Ferrell, "so I did my best to avoid the next experience."

The building's landlord already had started an eviction process for Ferrell through Canton Municipal Court. Records show Ferrell is well aquainted with the eviction process.

Lindstrom has been an upstairs neighbor of Ferrell's. Ferrell worked at a Denny's restaurant until quitting her job Friday, Lindstrom said. A manager at Denny's, who declined to give his name, confirmed that Ferrell had worked there but declined to comment further.

Update: New Arrest in Ohio Pregnant-Woman Case

Deputies Raid Home Of Bobby Cutts' Friend In Search Of Evidence In Murder Of Jessie Davis

Posted by Richard at June 24, 2007 6:47 PM

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