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June 24, 2007

Blatently Obvious: 'Wants Of Our Elected Officials Supersede Those Of US Electorate'

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

No matter how you cut it, "illegal immigration is simply - illegal," and "29 cent tacos and getting our grass cut for 20 bucks" isn't worth all the down side (see extended post). Yet our politicians in Washington could couldn't care less - they have their own agendas.

As Sher Zieve notes at Renew America, until the Illegals' Immigration and Amnesty Bill, not in recent history has it been so patently and painfully obvious that our elected officials place their own wants and agenda well ahead of the US electorate. Clearly, their ambitions are far more important to them than the wishes of the people that elected them and that they are suppose to represent:

[...] The Illegals' Immigration and Amnesty Bill has not only brought to the forefront our senators' House of Lords proclivities and behaviors directed against the will of their own communities but, is now being used to smack their constituents in their faces. Firmly and finally our senators -- along with our president -- have now told we-the-people that only their desires, wallets and pocketbooks count. We-the-people can either accept their increasingly totalitarian dictates -- or leave the country. Illegal Aliens are now the important class of people. US citizens and their needs and desires are no longer important. The latest scuttlebutt is that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Senate Minority Whip Trent "I hate conservative talk radio" Lott (RINO-MI) have come to agreement on one of their back-door deals. They plan to push through their 'amnesty-for-everyone-except-legal-US-citizens-and-those-trying-to-enter-the-country-legally' in spite of the rising voices of the American people against it.

This week, US politicians intend to lay down the law to the American people: "Our ambitions are more important than yours. Consequently, they override any possible loyalty we had for either you or this country. Get used to it!" Our voices and our votes have now become irrelevant and our political leaders are increasingly listening to and supporting the radical elements of La Raza and MEChA. Recently, the racist group La Raza was given not only input into the Illegals Amnesty Bill but, veto power over it as well! What is the reason for these disloyalties to the United States of America and its people? Answer: The planned replacement of the aforementioned USA by the 'North American Union's Security and Prosperity Partnership'. This is, yet, another issue that the corrupt leftist media does not and will not report.

Continue reading: Illegal immigration: Senate's desires trump American people

'Illegal immigration is simply illegal':

There are at least 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States, of whom more than 5 million are in California. They account for one-third of the supposed 15 percent of Americans who don't have health insurance. They cause higher hospital costs and longer waits by using emergency rooms for basic health care. They hurt public education because they are not prepared for our curricula and increase class sizes.

They contribute to the overflowing of our prisons. They don't pay taxes, and send more than $25 billion outside the country, further hurting our balance of payments. They depress wages for lower-paid Americans. They are entitled to almost all of our taxpayers'-paid giveaways and benefits, though they are not entitled to be in this country.

Remind me what the upside is of all this? Oh yes, "29 cent tacos and getting our grass cut for 20 bucks." Seems like a fair trade-off to me.

175 illegal immigrants arrested in OC in five-day sweep:
Among those arrested was a convicted child molester from Mexico and a man wanted in that country for allegedly murdering his 74-year-old uncle nine years ago, officials said. Most of those picked up were from Mexico, but the list included illegal immigrants from India, Kenya, the Philippines and Colombia.
What's Being Overlooked In The Immigration Debate:
How many people can a lifeboat hold before it sinks or capsizes and all inhabitants perish? Notice that the lifeboats on the Titanic rowed a ways from the sinking ship. This was not because the people who weren't in the lifeboats were not worth saving. The problem is that a lifeboat may support 60 people, but if 200 scramble to get on board out of desperation, perhaps it will sink, and nobody will survive.

While many illegal aliens contribute to the American economy, others put a fatal stranglehold on the resources of our social safety net. This is not compassion for naturalized citizens who are then deprived. The last time I saw my older brother before he died, he asked me why this country gives away so much to aliens, while denying the same help to its citizens. He had a small nest egg which he had to spend down before getting the medical assistance he needed for his poor health. Of course, in his case, it would still have been welfare, but he did have a point about the priorities of multi-generational Americans vs. those coming over the border covertly.

Posted by Richard at June 24, 2007 6:59 PM

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