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June 29, 2007

At CNN: A "Day Of Mourning" For America?

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Yesterday when I got home and turned on CNN I thought that some new unimaginable catastrophe had once again befallen our country. It seemed a day of mourning.

Anderson Cooper spoke in muted tones and with a stern visage, the mood of the commentators was somber and the interchange restrained as if funereal, and you would have sworn CNN was flying the American flag at half-mast outside their studios - were it not for the fact that deeming themselves an "International News Organization with no quaint patriotic affiliations" I doubt they fly an American flag anyway, but had they flown a flag, it would have been the Mexican flag flown at half-mast!

And what was the cause of such overt grief on the part of CNN, Anderson Cooper, and its journalists? What national woe could possibly move them to such a spirit of bereavement, when day after day they rejoice in flashing on their screens their interminable stream of images of blood, gore, and carnage in Iraq, revelling in images of our soldiers being shot by snipers or blown up by IEDs and of flag-draped coffins on pretense of "impartial journalistic coverage"? What could possibly move their elitist, secularist, hearts to such contrition? Why but that the revived "Scamnesty Immigration Bill" being hurriedly shoved down our throats against the will of the overwhelming majority of the American people, was aborted "dead on arrival".... the only "abortion" I have ever supported, and with elation!

What CNN was so direly mourning was that "El Presidente Bush Villa" and his band of "Frito Banditos" Senators were unable to take Old Glory down, and hoist the Mexican flag in its stead atop the Capitol - I can just picture the "Three Caballeros": "El Gringo Kennedy," "El Presidente Bush 'Villa'," and their sidekick "Compadre Graham" moping over this defeat over a bottle of tequila, while "El Gringo Kennedy" sings "Jalisco No Te Rajes." Ay, caramba!

Oddly enough it seems that many lawmakers became acutely aware at the very last minute of the catastrophic consequences that ignoring the explicit will of the majority of their constituents on this issue would have on their political careers and "pork-barrel earmarks," and on their infamous "Lifestyles of the Rich, Lame, and Spineless" in Washington, and were fearful for their political hides!

I say bravo! It's about time that the will of the people be heard for a change! Now that the "Scamnesty Bill" is dead, perhaps we can go back to focusing on securing our southern border (what borders?) with Mexico, enforce our existing immigration laws instead of wringing our hands in politically correct impotence and unwillingness to deal with the problem, and really get something done for a change to stop this unrelenting Mexican "cucaracha" infestation!

Perhaps now we should begin removing those signs on the expressways of San Diego showing a man and woman running with a child hanging for dear life behind from the woman's hand that are supposed to be "WARNING: WET BACK CROSSING" and replace them with one of Uncle Sam kicking in the ass the Mexican flag wielding, Ché Guevara T-shirt wearing, "Viva Mexico - Down with the Yankees" sign carrying, illegal Mexican alien, with his wife and "anchor baby" in tow, in the opposite direction, back to Mexico! It could still read "WARNING: WET BACK CROSSING" though.

I say, about time. Enough is enough!

Posted by Althor at June 29, 2007 11:02 AM

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