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May 27, 2007

Vagina Warriors Avert Their Eyes

Topics: Dhimmitude

If you're not traveling this weekend and are looking to be better informed about why we never hear any outcries from the feminists over the battle for Muslim women's rights, David Thompson highlights today Christina Hoff Sommers' interesting broadside against Western feminists and their silence on Islamic misogyny:

... "The women who constitute the American feminist establishment today are destined to play little role in the battle for Muslim women's rights. Preoccupied with their own imagined oppression, they can be of little help to others... The vagina warriors and university gender theorists... cannot distinguish between free and unfree societies... Their moral obtuseness leads many of them to regard helping Muslim women as 'colonialist' or as part of a 'hegemonic' 'civilizing mission.' It disqualifies them as participants in this moral fight.

... In reality, of course, it is the Islamic feminists themselves who are on a civilizing mission - one that is vital to their own welfare and to the welfare of an anxious world. A reviewer of Irshad Manji's manifesto celebrating Islamic feminism aptly remarked, 'This could be Osama bin Laden's worst nightmare.' Ipso facto, it should be our fondest dream."

More at David Thompson's blog ...

Posted by Richard at May 27, 2007 10:22 PM

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