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May 7, 2007

Undefined French 'Immigrants' From Undefined 'Suburbs' Riot After Sarkozy Win

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Yes, (fill in the blanks), those _________ immigrants from ___________ neighborhoods in ________ suburbs are rioting again, as they did last summer (also here, here, here, here, and here), because the candidate they wanted to win - Segolene Royal, didn't.

But surely you wouldn't be able to fill in the blanks from what you learn from the media who have a very difficult time using the "M" word. God forbid that the "immigrants" should in any way be connected to the religion of peace that drives their refusal to assimilate into French society, and places the ummah before the country that has given the refuge.

However, we can now expect genuine change to finally be coming to France:

... On Sunday the people of France emerged long enough from a national malaise to elect a new president. Their choice of Nicolas Sarkozy, 52, sent their ship of state tacking to the right. That could mean tougher immigration laws, efforts to energize a torpid economy -- and a warming of the long but sometimes frosty alliance that connects Paris and Washington.

... After defeating socialist candidate Segolene Royal, 53, Sarkozy told his supporters that the U.S. "can count on our friendship," ...

Sarkozy's ascent to the presidency could make France the focal point of Europe's attempts to grapple with immigration -- especially from Muslim countries -- that hasn't become assimilation.



[Not all of Sarko's supporters were oldsters. Above, Sarko babes celebrate!]

Publius Pundit has an interesting perspective on the Sarkozy win that has so offended the thugs of all bents, including "the Banlieue thugs who are neither Muslim nor Islamofascist nor leftist, just pure thugs who deal drugs and act like South Central Los Angeles lowlife":

Sarko has roots in the nationalistic command-economy style of the Gaullists, but France has never seen anyone with such radical views about national identity, competitiveness, law and order, and a sustainable economy as Sarkozy. His victory represents a real move toward change.

Not only that, he believes in democratic revolution! Look! From his victory speech, we can see it for ourselves:

Tolerance and tyranny

I want to issue a call to everyone in the world who believes in the values of tolerance, freedom, democracy, humanism, to all those who are persecuted by tyranny, by dictatorships. I want to tell all of the children throughout the world, all of the ill-treated women throughout the world - I want to tell them that it will be France's pride and its duty to be at their side.

France will be at the side of the Libyan nurses [Bulgarian nurses imprisoned in Libya], imprisoned for eight years. France will not abandon Ingrid Betancourt [held by Farc rebels in Colombia]. France will not abandon the women condemned to wear the burqa. France will not abandon the women who do not have freedom. France will be on the side of the oppressed of the world. This is France's message, it is France's identity, it is France's history.

The Russia Journal also offered a perspective on Sarkozy's win:

... The election of a flaming rightwinger who doesn't even apologize for being 'a man of the right' is rather dramatic news that will knock the left's complacency about its special role in bringing revolutionary change off its axis. In fact, they were the Marie-Antoinettes.

... There's no doubt Sarko wants change. But he wants it for different reasons than leftists often do. Leftists want to create a New Man. Sarko wants to save France so that it can be France, not turn it into another cookie-cutter Berkeley or Ann Arbor, as has been happening. Sarko's a flag-waver. He's extremely passionate and energetic, and he will make a difference. His proposed economic programs to keep France powerful and competitive, will do just that, as French voters read it, because that's a big issue that resonated.

... Not only has France been socialist, it has been stagnant. That it's true is one thing, but that's less important than whether the French believed this. They did. The French are not clueless. They saw unchecked crime, unassimilated immigration, unjobbed youth and the unlovely social results of it all as a problem in itself and decided to fix it instead of crawl under a rock and pretend things would be ok. So, Sarko won.

... What does this (a Sarkozy victory) say? It says the French want revolution again - against thugs, against political correctness and against stagnant social policy. They want the Louie the Sixteenths out again. Upstart Sarko is a little short guy like Napoleon and vows to restore order. He's so French.

Vive La France!

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Rev Fred Nile lifted the debate in the two weeks prior to the election with a call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration for ten years so we could avoid the social clashes now experienced in France, UK and other European countries, and for a positive discrimination toward Christians who have suffered from Muslim persecution.

Posted by Richard at May 7, 2007 5:56 AM

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