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May 7, 2007

TV: Sarkozy Elected French President (Updated and bumped)

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Sarcozy%20wins.jpgAccording to television projections (via Reuters), conservative Nicolas Sarkozy won France's presidential election, beating his Socialist rival, Segolene Royal, by a comfortable margin. Royal, had borrowed from the playbook of her Islamofascist supporters and warned that if she didn't win there would be violence and brutality unleashed in the country; apparently it didn't work:

Forecasts by four pollsters showed Sarkozy, 52, a hardline former interior minister, won around 53 percent of the vote in the second-round ballot and will succeed fellow conservative Jacques Chirac, who was president for 12 years.

Turnout was predicted at about 85 percent.

Royal has already conceded defeat.

The WaPo describes Sarkozy as an avowed fan of the United States who campaigned as a champion of law and order who would toughen immigration laws and boost economic growth and employment with free market reforms. He was a stark contrast with Royal, 53, who portrayed herself as a mother protector in favor of softer reforms that would strengthen and expand France's vast social welfare state.

Update: See also: Undefined French 'Immigrants' From Undefined 'Suburbs' Riot After Sarkozy Win

Others blogging on Sarkozy's win: Outside the Beltway with "Sarkozy Wins, America Wins, Socialism Loses," Little Green Footballs with "LGF Poll: How Many Cars Will Be Torched?," Pajamas Media - "C'est le Matin en France," Betsy's Page - "Sarkozy's Win."

Daniel Drezner has a pessimistic view - "My bold prediction about Sarkozy."

MSM coverage includes: AP - Nicolas Sarkozy wins French presidency, NYT - Sarkozy Wins the Chance to Prove His Critics Wrong, Financial Times - Defeated Socialists search for scapegoats, Elaine Sciolino / New York Times - Sarkozy Wins in France and Vows Break With Past.

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Posted by Richard at May 7, 2007 5:19 AM

This is a very telling event in Dhimmi Europe. If the hateful French have conceded their obnoxiousness to the immediacy of stark reality and rejected the secularist, Dhimmi, "socialist" candidate in favor of a pro-American (everyone knows the French made "America-hating" into a vogue) "conservative" - by their standards - you can really say that the "feces" is hitting the French "ventilation system"!

On the other hand, here we are in America cozying up to defeatist Democrats and sucking up to Nancy Pelosi and company, and placing them in power to deal to us more of that "socialistic" tripe the French, of all people, have now out of necessity rejected! Go figure! We must be watching too much American Idol!


Posted by: Althor at May 6, 2007 5:34 PM

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