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May 14, 2007

The Missing Context in Media Reporting on Iraq

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Gerd Schroeder, a Major in the US Army who has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, has a piece today at The American Thinker in which he addresses the US mainstream media's failing to provide the public the context it needs to accurately understand both the successes of our progress in Iraq. He offers that they do this either purposely or through incompetence and/or lack of intellect.

He then notes that he knows many members of the media. And he says that none of them lack intellect or are incompetent:

It is a balance that will not be reached via unbiased reporting. It is reached by the left and right pulling against each other to reach equilibrium. The moderates accomplish nothing; they sit and watch. We need the left to motivate the right to make progress as much as the left needs us to motivate them in the same way. The problem lies not with the media's left of center standing. The problem lies with the lack of effort on the part of the right of center people to counter the left. This is how balance is found. The right needs to cowboy up and counter the media.
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Posted by Richard at May 14, 2007 3:54 PM

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