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May 10, 2007

The Fort Dix Plot And Illegal Immigrants

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

While Richard seems to be on an rant against illegals this morning, I might as while chime in with my own. In light of the Fort Dix plot, the illegal "immigrant" issue has really frosted me, especially since there are many legal immigrants who have to "wait in line," and do, to enter the U.S. the honest, legal way.

So when I came upon James P. Pinkerton's question in his op-ed at today, I just couldn't resist putting it up:

So three of the men arrested for plotting to massacre American soldiers in New Jersey were here illegally. Here's a dumb question: Why are there any people here in this country illegally?

And, since we have just been reminded yet again that illegal aliens can be terrorists, we should ask a further question: Do we really have to wait for an A-bomb to go off in a U.S. city before we get curious as to who is in our midst?

Now, of course, some might say we should target only certain groups, such as Arabs and Muslims - the Fort Dix Six are all Muslim - for special surveillance. But that would be profiling, and we can't have that!

Moreover, as CBS News reported Tuesday, four of the six accused terrorists are from the former Yugoslavia, a European country. So here's a better idea: Let's simply recognize that the most dangerous elements in our society, by definition, are those who are illegal and unknown. Those unknown illegal immigrants might be honest and hard-working busboys. But they also could be mass murderers: The point is we don't know.

Coincidentally, on Tuesday night's broadcast, CBS went from news about catching terrorists before they strike to news about tracking floods before they rise. According to correspondent Nancy Cordes, the National Weather Service, reacting to the big floods of 1993 that killed dozens, has established a high-tech early-warning system.

And it seems to be working: Federal meteorologist Dennis Feltgen displayed computer projections, illustrated by color-coded maps, identifying floods along the banks of the Missouri River.

In other words, Uncle Sam seems to be doing pretty well at monitoring water levels - better than he is at monitoring possible terrorist cells.

We're better at monitoring water levels than monitoring possible terrorist cells and keeping illegals out of our country. That's nuts!

Be sure to read it all ...

Posted by Abdul at May 10, 2007 8:07 AM

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