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May 2, 2007

Telemundo And Univision Pseudo-Journalists / Illegal Immigration Activists Finally Get Put In Their Place!

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

The video speaks for itself. Yesterday, when the Los Angeles Police department was forced to come in with their Riot Police to disperse a crowd of illegal alien protesters that were throwing rocks and bottles and were turning rowdy, the TV crews of Telemundo and Univision defied the police order and stayed behind, no doubt trying to exploit the explosive situation to film footage they could later use to accuse the police of brutality against the demonstrators, and to advance their illegal immigration cause.

In doing so they partly achieved what they set out to do, as they had to be physically removed from the park by the authorities, something they now have scandalized and spin into claims that this was a case of "police brutality," with the obliging help of their pals at the liberal biased media

But I say, it's about time that these shameless "propagandists" of open borders and unfettered Mexican illegal immigration from Telemundo and Univision got put in their place! Kudos to the L.A.P.D.!

They were ordered several times by the Los Angeles Police Department to disperse along with the crowd, and yet they remained in situ in defiance, in order to turn their cameras on the advancing Riot Control Officers - knowing full well that the recalcitrant illegal alien protesters at Mc Arthur Park were already throwing rocks and bottles and there was going to be a confrontation - to only use the footage as a "vehicle" with which to accuse them of "police violence," with which to incite their illegal alien audiences with, use it to further advance their "La Raza" and "Reconquista" agendas of Mexicans and other Hispanics reclaiming the American Southwest, and to help them spew their daily dose of anti-American pro-illegal alien venom! And I should know, I speak fluent Spanish, and when turning on their newscasts, I see them spilling day in and day out all their outrageous pro-illegal immigration spiel! These ill-concealed Telemundo and Univision pro-illegal immigration "activists," which is all they are, had it coming!

And too bad ICE wasn't there with a fleet of buses to, instead of "dispersing" all these illegal aliens protesting to scurry back like roaches into the nooks and crannies of our cities, round-up all these illegal alien criminal elements, rioting with impunity in a land in which they are "trespassing," and deport them all, as well they should! Rather than engage in those phoney "token" raids ICE does for publicity - to make it seem in the eyes of American public opinion that they are really doing something about illegal immigration - which, ironically, is what has sparked all these riots and demonstrations!

It's about time we start really enforcing our laws and deal with all these illegal aliens in our midst, instead of dilly-dallying with them as we have so far.

Other coverage: Dan at Riehl World View asks, "Can we deport the illegal aliens now? Will someone in this damned government please enforce American law?

Posted by Althor at May 2, 2007 4:29 PM

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