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May 30, 2007

'Pretty Boy' John Edwards' Poor Scam

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edwardscompact.jpgWith Edwards' position on the War on Terror and his "pimping" on poverty issues (Business Week magazine reports that Edwards launched a poverty center that conveniently worked out of the same office as his political action committee. The nonprofit center spent a staggering 70% of the money it raised on a speaking tour for Edwards and on salaries for staffers who in short order just happened to join his presidential campaign - which gives new meaning to the term "poverty pimp"), and especially after his major foreign policy speech in which he ridiculed the very idea of a "war on terror" as nothing more than a "bumper sticker," I now consider him to be an insignificant voice in an ever-growing field of unqualified candidates for president. And it is because of these views that I hesitate to post anything whatsoever about Edwards; after all, other than to now and then call attention to his latest jaw-dropping absurdity, what's the point?

However, no sooner did I arrive at this point, along comes Johah Goldberg with the best take on Edwards that I've seen this political season; it paints him so perfectly I just can't help but put up a post on it. Goldberg begins with: "There's a little hustler in every politician. But sometimes there's a little politician in a hustler. Such is the case with John Edwards."

Posted by Abdul at May 30, 2007 5:45 PM

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