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May 10, 2007

On Balkan Blowback And The Fort Dix Six

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Julia Goran says at Frontpage, we're going to see the Fort Dix story go away faster than the one about the Bosnian Muslim who killed five Americans and injured another four in Salt Lake City for Valentine's Day three months ago. No surprise, the Bosnian conflict has been misrepresented by the mainstream media, covering up the large role played by radical Islam and al-Qa'ida:

Pat ourselves on the back for resettling those "rescuees" here. Terrorism aside, the Albanian mafia has already overtaken both the Russian and Italian ones. There was also that Kosovo Albanian whose al-Qaeda application was discovered in Afghanistan, to name just one of many such collaborators.

This is Balkan blowback, and it's been happening since we stuck our nose where it didn't belong throughout the 1990s and, for good measure, bombed the wrong side. Maybe one day we'll finally start talking about it. This morning, Balkan experts Jim Jatras, director of the American Council for Kosovo, and Dr. Serge Trifkovic alerted all major on-air media of their availability to discuss this development and were told, "We have our usual terror experts."

Those would be the same terror experts who, in their daily opining on the War on Terror, haven't touched the Balkans -- a key region in the War on Terror, as it was the site of al-Qaeda's proliferation into a truly global network and now serves as the organization's European base and entryway for attacks on that continent and others. (Note to Fox News: "Balkans" includes Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania and others.)

So, we're in for yet another round of terror "experts" painting terrorism in and from the Balkans as a unique thing, suspended in a vacuum of context, lest Americans start piecing things together and surmising that perhaps what happened to the Serbs is in some way related to what's happening everywhere else on the globe.

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As Julia notes: Weren't those Balkan people supposed to be only "nominal" Muslims! Secular, we were told. Europeans, they said. Non-practicing, too. ?

Go figure!

Posted by Richard at May 10, 2007 7:45 AM

Julia"The Liar" Gorin does not care a whit about Muslim Nazism. She is only concerned with pushing an agenda for a Greater Serbia. As evidence, she slandered the Catholic Croats with the same sophistry and mendacity as she slanders the Albanians.

As with every Serb propagandist trying to subvert the War on Terror for Greater-Serbian purposes, her rant is fraught with an inherent CONTRADICTION, as she condemn the very policies which intended to make sure that the Muslim refugees from Serbian terror WENT BACK HOME and didn't stay in the West., and supports the very people -- the Serbolsheviks -- who CREATED a Balkan Muslim refugee problem in the first place, by trying to steal their lands and expelling them on pain of death.

Of course, she is a G****** liar, too. Here is genuine information about the issue :

The Presidency of the Albanian Muslim Community in the United States and Canada

On behalf of the Presidency of the Albanian Muslim Community in the United States and Canada, and the 14 mosques it represents, we were shocked and appalled to receive the news of the possible terror act on Fort Dix Military Base in New Jersey. We strongly condemn violence and terrorist activities perpetrated in the name of Islam.

Terrorism in any form has no religion, nationality or justification. Islam teaches us that human life is sacred; and we condemn all acts of terrorism.
It is forbidden for a Muslim to cooperate with any individual or group that is involved in any act of terrorism or violence.
It is the civic and religious duty of Muslims to cooperate with law enforcement authorities to protect the lives of all humans. In this regard, Islam is a religion of peace and justice, and the Albanian community condemns terror and terrorists wherever they are and whoever they are.

Further, this alleged heinous act evokes an acute sense of grief for the Albanian people. During the war in Kosova, Fort Dix Military Base in New Jersey was a shelter for the Albanian victims of the Serbian regime. The Albanian Muslim Community of America and Canada cooperated fully with US institutions to help Albanian refugees from Kosova. The people of Fort Dix provided a sanctuary for many of our refugees; and for this we hold them in high regard.

We are grateful to the US Government and its military forces for helping Muslims in Kosova and Bosnia and Hercegovina. We appreciate those who helped end the horrendous genocide and atrocities perpetrated against
the people of the former Yugoslavia.
The Presidency of the Albanian Muslim Community in the United States and Canada fully supports United States Government efforts to end terror. We pray for peace and stability in the world.

We are against all those so-called "Muslims" who misuse and humiliate Islam and create ugly images of the Muslim people. Islam is a religion of peace and we appreciate the fact that the US Government does not identify Muslims with those who commit acts of terror.

The Albanian Muslim community has worked and continues to work together with different religious groups and organizations in United States and Canada. It is our goal to increase the awareness of people of the peaceful nature of Muslims and bring an end to the modern disease called terrorism.

We pray to Almighty God to save and protect the United States, which provides shelter to those in need from around the globe.
We pray to Almighty God to bring love to the people of the world and bring all of mankind to the path of peace.
May God bless the people of our great country.

Imam Vehbi Ismaili, President
Ferid Bedrolli, General Secretary

Staten Island, NY 10301

Posted by: Pelivan at May 10, 2007 10:46 PM

Good point-counter points Pelivan, but your argument would be much better expressed absent the personal attack and profane superlatives that accompany your comments.

All should appreciate hearing your side, however. And from the tone of your comments, one can sense a history of conflict between the writings of Gorin and yourself.

One last thing, however, and I'm sure that you are aware of it. The West has now become accustomed to Muslims defending Islam as a religion of piece and condemning violence and terrorism, while on the other hand and in Arabic facilitating an agenda of proselytizing Islam and supporting terrorism and domination of Islam. Albeit this is not the history of most Albanian Muslims, you can surely understand the reservations of non-Muslims, and in their thinking the words of peace and tolerance, and condemnation of violence, are simply more al-taqiyya.

As a former Muslim, now Catholic, I believe that I try to see both sides and know that most Muslims believe as Ismaili professes to believe. The problem is that most true Muslims do not speak out strongly against radical fundamentalists that have turned the word Islam into a word of disgust to so many people throughout the world.

Just so readers are not confused by my comments, I believe Pelivan's intent is sincere, but his words detract from those of Ismaili in his "genuine information about the issue."

Posted by: Abdul at May 11, 2007 6:43 AM

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