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May 1, 2007

NBC Cameraman Flies Mexican Flag At March For Illegal Alien Rights

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

A cameraman for the NBC affiliate in Houston was captured Saturday on home video sporting a Mexican flag on his camera while covering a rally in the Texas city that supported illegal immigrants, drawing angry shouts from counter-protesters. In the first of two clips a counter-protester with a bull horn can be heard condemning the cameraman's flag, and asks, "Why does Channel 2 News have a Mexican flag on their camera?" :

Perhaps the most appalling event of the afternoon was seeing Houston's NBC channel 2 affiliate sporting a Mexican flag on their video camera. Doesn't the news media state that they are non partisan, non participating observers, dedicated to bringing the truth in reporting? Isn't that what they teach at journalism school? Decide for yourself by watching this video.
Part 1/2.

In part 2 of NBC sporting the Mexican flag on their camera (conveniently a location that will not end up in their video report), we send an American patriot to at least get equal time in our own country. Yes.. it seems NBC, and/or their employees, cannot remain neutral when it comes to the news. Just watch their cameraman laughing at the scene of us being angry at his actions... his contempt is even more telling than the Mexican flag we get angry about!
Part 2/2.

Houston's NBC station is KPRC. (More)

Posted by Abdul at May 1, 2007 8:45 PM

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