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May 8, 2007

"MSM PC-Speak" - A Slippery Road Down Our Way To Perdition

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A comment by one of our readers on another post written by Richard, has opened a whole can of worms with which I would like to go fishing here.

On the post "Six 'Islamic Radicals' Arrested In Terror Plot Against N.J. Soldiers (Updated)" here on Hyscience, Colin, one of our readers, objected to our describing the word "alleged" when applied to these terrorist thugs by the MSNBC, as "MSM PC-speak for the Islamothugs [that] have been caught red handed", even though in fact the wannabe terrorists in question have been apprehended "red handed" after a year of intensive investigation by the FBI, and that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence, even a tape of their training and plotting, as to what their heinous intentions clearly were.

The rationale for Colin's objection is:

" 'Alleged' isn't 'MSM PC-speak.' It means that authorities are asserting that these men have committed a crime, but they haven't proved it yet in a court of law."

"Here's a topical example you might have heard of: A North Carolina DA 'alleged' that members of the Duke lacrosse team sexually assaulted an exotic dancer. It turns out they didn't."

"Having said that, if what authorities are 'alleging' here is true, kudos to the store owner and the officers for stopping these clowns before they did any damage."

Sure, "alleged" isn't technically "MSM PC-speak," just as in some TV commercials bears use "Charmin" in the woods - those poor, beleaguered, "civilized" creatures that we so underestimate - along with geyser and spring-fed Moen commodes and bidets. Richard's attempt to be facetious completely sailed by Colin. This isn't being critical of Colin, it simply speaks to how we can be so consumed with being legally and politically correct that we fail to see the real, and more ominous, issues at hand.

Let's see, every time we encounter a Islamothug (who should not be simply dismissed as a "clown", as if not to be taken seriously, and there is nothing "funny" about the threat he poses) with his finger on the trigger, let's just read him his "Miranda" and "Geneva Convention" rights (after all, in the bigger picture he's an "un-uniformed enemy combatant" according to some), before they do "any damage." And if they do - oops! - well let's just call Lynne Stewart Esq., of Omar "The Blind Sheik" Abdel-Rahman (convicted of plotting to blow up the United Nations, and of planning the first Twin Tower attacks) fame, to represent the "alleged" terrorist. But, oh, wait! First Ms. Stewart has to finish serving her 28 month "slap-on-the-wrist" sentence for "providing material support to the terrorists" in connection to that Rahman case. I'm sure once she's out she'll represent your "alleged" Islamothug "Pro Bono."

Where will the legalistic and political correct nonsense stop?

Our reader Colin's analogy is at least weak, if not naive. Yes, a rogue North Carolina DA hell-bent on exploiting a situation and its racial overtones to get re-elected, did falsely "allege" that members of the Duke lacrosse team sexually assaulted an exotic dancer. And yes, It turns out they hadn't. However, if the DA in question had a video showing the lacrosse players in the act of raping the exotic dancer, and an informant that corroborates it with verifiable evidence, then the term "alleged" would still be applied to them in our civil courts just on the "technicality" of the fact they had not been convicted yet, though their culpability would be without a shadow of a doubt.

The fact is that referring to these Islamofacist terrorists with videos of their training, and ample evidence of what they plotted after a year of investigations, as "alleged" is simply nothing more than more "politically correct speak" on the part of the MSNBC, which goes out of its way to side with the terrorists and "respect" their Jihadist "sensitivities"; and aside from being dangerously disingenuous, it's a slippery slope at best.

First we describe them as "six Muslim men hailing from the Balkans believed to be Islamic radicals 'alleged' to have plotted a terrorist attack on our soldiers in Fort Dix"; and say "alleged" out of the political correctness of granting them the same "presumption of innocence" we grant our citizens in our civil courts - even though they are foreign terrorists, and were caught red handed.

Next we will shorten that to "six men hailing from the Balkans 'alleged' to have plotted a terrorist attack on our soldiers in Fort Dix" because CAIR and other Muslim terrorist-supporting groups here in America object to the connotations that they are described as "Muslims" and "Islamic Radicals" and that this does not reflect well, and scapegoats, the "peace loving" Muslim community and the "Religion of Peace" - which blows up and massacres innocent people the world over every day, ironically most of them Muslims like themselves.

Next we'll further shorten it to "six men 'alleged' to have plotted an attack on our soldiers at Fort Dix" because people from the Balkans are offended that they would be implicated, and the term "terrorist" itself is found to be too vague and (forgive the pun) explosive and is left open to interpretation, since to some what we consider "terrorists" are but "freedom fighters" - just ask Cindy Sheehan.

Lastly we would only be able to say "six individuals 'alleged' to have plotted to attack soldiers at Fort Dix" because to stress their masculinity would be "sexist" - men would take umbrage of the link made between their gender and violence; after all there are women terrorists too, just look at the many female suicide bombers of Hamas and the insurgents in Iraq.

And one has to wonder when - in the face of the very real and present threat we face right here at home - are we going to stop playing scrabble with legalistic terminology and technicalities, call an apple an apple, and perceive the very real and serious threat to our way of life and our very survival for what it is?!?!

To keep on playing this game of asinine political correctness, frisking 90 year-old nordic-looking grandmothers at airports while we let shifty-eyed, turban-headed, Middle Eastern men with overcoats in 98 degree heat waltz through security so as not to "profile them" is not only lunacy, but sheer suicide - literally!

When will we learn? How many more deaths here at home will it take? Another London subway styled bombing here in new York? Another Madrid rail station styled bombing at an AMTRAK rail station in Washington? Will it take a far worse and deadlier 9/11 for us to awake? I shudder to think about it.

Posted by Althor at May 8, 2007 2:26 PM

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