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May 18, 2007

Michelle Malkin Poll : 'Will You Support a Presidential Candidate Who Supports the Bush/Kennedy Amnesty Bill?' (Updated)

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And the answer is not no, but hell no!


As Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Calif., chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus frames the issue: "What part of illegal does the Senate not understand? Any plan that rewards illegal behavior is amnesty."

Good bye John McCain. Hello Mitt, Rudy and Fred (if, as many of us hope and expect - he comes in).

Michelle has more here.

From what we're hearing about this bill, if indeed there is a bill at all (it just might not even be written yet and might have been voted on before it was completed), not having it would be much better than this one. One need to look no further than the expected "touchback provision" to see the proposed "bill" as a sham; it's nothing less than amnesty.

Update: White House Offers Details of Immigration Bill - The bill (as mentioned above, likely still being written) supposedly ends "chain migration."

The bill says future immigrants will be selected based on the "skills and attributes" they bring to the United States," including their educational background, their ability to speak English, their job skills, and family ties to the United States.

The bill also ends "chain migration," in which a majority of green cards go to relatives of U.S. citizens.

Future family immigration will focus on the nuclear family and parents. For example, visas for parents of U.S. citizens will be capped, while green cards for the siblings and adult children of U.S. citizens and green card holders are eliminated, the White House said.

This is a plus, but there are still so many minuses. And as Redstate suggested, CNSNews is reporting that it was crafted in secret -- and will now be rushed straight to the Senate floor.

And this is a perspective I hadn't thought about, and Americans had better give it some serious attention before coming down in favor of amnesty in any form. The idea of millions of voters who have been trained to believe that they are "oppressed" by the bourgeois elite and who, by the gift of a vote, becoming empowered to take from the middle class the things that they see as rightfully theirs, should be sobering to all of us except the leftists.

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Posted by Abdul at May 18, 2007 5:54 AM

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