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May 5, 2007

Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa Outraged At "Police Brutality" Against Rowdy Illegal Protesters - A Satire

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Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is incensed about the LAPD/SWAT dispersal of violent illegal immigration protesters at Mc Arthur Park on May 1st, and has spoken out to forcibly condemn the incident.

Villaraigosa, who is a pro-unfettered Mexican illegal immigration and open borders activist, a vehement MECHA zealot, and who has intimate ties with the "La Raza Coalition," "Aztlan" and other Mexican groups "peacefully" working on the ethnic invasion and "Reconquista" or annexing of the American Southwest back to Mexico again, strongly condemned the police restoring law and order to the chaotic situation in McArthur Park, saying:

"Our Facist police had no right, on the pretense of keeping law and order, to forcibly remove our corn -cob and bottle throwing masked Ché Guevara Mexican youth expressing "peacefully" their civil right to "revolution" and the fulfillment of their dream of ousting the hated "Gringos" by sheer numbers and reclaiming the American Southwest."

"It is an outrage that the POLICE /SWAT team and police motorcycles would interrupt the demonstrations and the war dances of our "peaceful" Cuahatemoc Warriors of la "Danza Azteca" psyching themselves up for battle, and force them to disperse."

He added:

"Of course our corn-eating brethren had no choice but to defend itself and throw the cobs of the corn they were eating, water bottles, and anything else not bolted to the ground at the Facist police attacking them"
Mayor Villaraigosa was also appalled that even though the police had been patiently telling the crowd to disperse for over two hours prior to their going in to disperse them, that they were so "racist" and "discriminatory" as to not have warned the crowd in Spanish, since most of them do not speak English. Upon hearing that the police had indeed told the crowd with bullhorns to disperse repeatedly in Spanish before they went in, Villaraigosa corrected himself, and said: "Well, yes, but they did not have the courtesy to go with a translator and tell each and everyone of the 20,000 protesters in person in Spanish to make sure they understood, which is, again, highly racist and discriminatory."

He further remarked how repugnant it was that the "Facist" police had attacked families of drunken Mexicans engaging in the traditional Mexican religious ceremony of imbibing Tequila, hurting poor, defenseless, Mexican masked youths who were just throwing bottles because they were practicing the ancient Aztec game of "Pelota," dispersing the corn selling vendors providing the crowd with ready chipotle chile covered missiles, and even brutalizing and interrupting Telemundo and Univision "journalists" filming propaganda films at the gathering for that friend of the poor and downtrodden of Latin America (not to mention of his black friends in Harlem) Hugo Chavéz. He added that those police officers involved in the incident ought to be prosecuted and jailed along with former Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and José Compean for "police brutality, violation of indigenous rights, and for impeding the free flow of Mexican illegal aliens into this country."

Villaraigosa added in parting that he wanted to remind all Americans once again that, quote: "We [illegal Mexican aliens] clean your toilets. Imagine if you deport us all what a threat to sanitation and public health all those dirty toilets would constitute - not to mention the overgrown lawns."

He added that he was direly disappointed that the American people would still be "so racist and prejudiced as to impede the 'Reconquista' of the American Southwest by swarthy illiterate Indian Mexican peasants who so 'enrich' our culture." Remarking: "...if it wasn't because of us Taco Bell would have never been."

In a subsequent dispatch Mayor Villaraigosa made it known he will order the lowering of the Star and Stripes and the raising of the Mexican flag in its place at City Hall, in protest of the police brutality, and mourning for the trampling of the "revolutionary" rights of the Mexican illegal protesters by the police.

Posted by Althor at May 5, 2007 12:43 PM

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