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May 8, 2007

Jack Straw, Muslims And Blackburn: On The Troubling Refusal Of Muslims To Assimilate In The UK

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In Blackburn, England Muslim's refusal to assimilate is causing deep unrest and resentment among the "Whites." Here is Jack Straw, MP, Leader of the House of Commons, on the problem in his home town:

The last thing said in the video is that "the separation between the two communities in Blackburn , the subject so many people find so difficult to talk about, isn't just a problem in Blackburn. This decent but divided town is a warning to the rest of Britain."

I am already seeing the hijabs and the burqas in my own town here in the U.S. Is Blackburn not only a warning to the rest of Britain but also to all of the West as well?

Posted by Richard at May 8, 2007 8:44 PM

I am a Scot and I was 13 years in the RAF, joining in 1951. In training as an RAF Apprentice at age 17, I was billeted with Pakistani, Burmese, Roman Catholics, Jews, C of E and Presbiterian, Methodists, Unionist and Baptists (PMUB). It was easily seen that religion, which is at the root of a culture, separated all. RAF discipline overruled these differences and we held each other's views with respect or we would know it from our instructors. There may have been politically incorrect ribbing but any aggro was dealt with by NCO's with boxing gloves. The aggressors met in the gym. If a Paki, (politically incorrect, but then so was Jock, Paddy, Taff, Scouser, Geordie so who cared) rattled your ear and you rattled his, you soon learned to settle your differences peaceably.

Jack Straw is a blithering idiot. The boot lickers among the muslims WOULD agree with him, after all being in his favour may lead to a government contract or a post on a Council or as a Member of Parliament. Think about cash for honours. These money grubbers count for nothing.

The ones you have to watch are the youths who are unemployed and who see the objections to the veil as a slight on their freedoms and culture and honour. They are the ones who strike back. They are the ones who make bombs and explode them. It typifies a Blairite Minister, mentally attuned to the Jewish bias of the US, to criticise someone for wearing a veil, or a Kilt, or Welsh dress, or Irish dancing or any other deviation.

I would hardly say that Jack Straw is unbiassed. This is the man who left the Middle East a wreck. He's frightened of a woman in a veil. That doesn't surprise me. He's a member of a government whose police force killed an innocent Brazilian because they thought he was Muslim and they were totally incompetent and afraid. The UK government has continually tried to frighten British people about terrorists while pointing the finger at Muslims. Now there is a divide growing between non Muslims and Muslims.

I wonder how many you young Muslim women and men attend his surgeries now?

Posted by: Robert Borland at May 28, 2007 6:35 AM

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