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May 15, 2007

Iraq Vs. Vietnam: A Perspective

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Good Lt. has up a stark awakening for our friends - the Kool-Aid drinkers, and offers the following chart to point out the significant difference between the "constant hyperbole, years of willful distortion, a chronic lack of proportion, and ongoing inflated one-sided outrage in the mainstream media/Democrat Party," and the reality of the war in Iraq. Looking at the graph, and then comparing it to almost "any major daily newspaper or newscast," one would think that even the dimmest bulb among the moonbats that like to compare the two, can readily gain a better perspective on the difference between Iraq and Vietnam.

But then again, this is asking a lot of a cohort of our citizenry that has so far failed to recognize the terrible threat of radical Islam to Western civilization.
In his piece at Human Events titled, "We've Not Yet Seen The Worst Case In Iraq," Mac Johnson offered a complimentary perspective to the Iraq vs. Vietnam chart of military losses:
No matter how bad or how good Iraq gets from day to day, the war is always reported as a worst case scenario by a mainstream media that hates George Bush more than it loves America. Simply put, the war coverage is being slanted with the conscious intent of demoralizing America's will to fight, so that a defeat can be hung round the neck of Bush and the GOP. This is a supremely immoral act, since Bush does not have an Army in Iraq -- America does.

It is not "Bush's War"; it is an American War. And any defeat will wound America long after George Bush has returned home to Texas to write books and play on his hobby farm. So let's take a step back from the political spin and consider what a worst case in Iraq would actually look like, because we haven't seen anything close.

A true defeat in Iraq -- withdrawing under fire, Saigon style, and allowing the insurgents to flood into the streets (and onto the airwaves) declaring uncontested victory -- would be a disaster unparalleled in American history. In an afternoon, it would destroy America's reputation as a military power for at least a generation. Stop and imagine how the world would react to seeing America's soldiers running from a fight we started, while our enemies' propaganda machine goes into overtime crowing about the weakness of the United States and the power of jihad, terrorism, suicide bombing and radical Islam.

Be sure to read the rest.

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Posted by Richard at May 15, 2007 3:38 PM

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