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May 24, 2007

Ilegal Alien Solution 101: 'Get Them To Deport Themselves'

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

It's almost too simple to be true, but it's both.

If ancient Egyptians could build the pyramids, if ancient Chinese constructed the Great Wall, we can deport any number of invaders and keep them out.

The second truth is that we don't have to.

The answer is - and these ideas aren't original - we can get illegal aliens to deport themselves. All we need understand is that man operates based on incentive, on reward and consequence, and devise policy accordingly.

Here's Selwyn Duke's "foolproof five-point plan that would put an end to the invasion of America":
1. Enact laws ensuring that employers who hire illegals will be punished harshly enough to deter the behavior; this will take the illegals' jobs away.

2. Enact laws prohibiting illegals from receiving any government benefits.

3. Eliminate the standard that confers citizenship on children born to illegals on our soil.

4. Enact a law stating that any alien in violation of our laws caught on our soil beyond a certain date will be subject to severe criminal penalties.

5. Enact a law stating that, in addition, if they are found in the US after that time, they will forevermore be prohibited from entering our nation.

Understand that these measures will so greatly reduce the number of illegals (my guess is by 90%) that taking legal action against the lawbreakers who remain will simply be a matter of eliminating a few stragglers.

The beauty of this plan is that it eliminates another excuse: "We'll never stop illegals from coming here anyway." Once America has been transformed from a big carrot into a big stick, they'll stop picking on our vegetable. Border enforcement would still be necessary, but only for the purposes of keeping true miscreants out, people such as terrorists and criminal gangs.

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Posted by Richard at May 24, 2007 7:58 AM

Finland shares a border with Russia nearly as long as the U.S.-Mexico border. As in our situation, there is a great disparity in wealth between Finland and Russia. So why is Finland's problem with illegals minuscule compared to our own? The answer appears to be that the Finns make it nearly impossible to get a job or a place to live if you are a non-citizen.

Finland clearly does quite well without illegal Russian aliens doing the jobs that Finns won't do:

Posted by: tommy at May 24, 2007 8:53 AM

Great pickup, Tommy. If Finland can do it, and does, why can't our government simply do the same? How is it that it's okay for illegal aliens to continue breaking the law, but U.S. citizens go to jail for doing so?

The answer of course is votes, and putting politics before national interest and the culture of our country.

Posted by: Richard at May 24, 2007 8:57 AM

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