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May 14, 2007

Free Speech And The YouTube War

Topics: War on Terror

Michael Weaver's blog at Valhalla calls attention to the war over free speech at YouTube, which is becoming a purveyor of Islamic propaganda:

We have people using our systems of speech against US. Its bad enough with 'Political Correctness' which is 'censorship through guilt'! It's bad enough that the media censors us through omission. It's bad enough that intellectual honesty is murdered at universities by arbitrary 'speech codes,' it's even bad that this blog is governed by 'terms of use' that may get me shut down if a speak with to much passion!

But now days we also have online communities with user provided content. Some content, like the comments left on a blog-site, or chat-rooms can get you banned. Hmmm ... Well they say you can only believe a tenth of what you read anyway. So how about the part where you are supposed to believe half of what you see?

Well as it works out, now user-content communities are putting up video selected by thier own selves! Pretty neat! EXCEPT ... if your video is the wrong kind of 'speech' it gets deleted, and over time, so do you! Consider ... "The Great YouTube War"

On YouTube, those who seek Jihad openly, or by stealth, against the west, make the rules. Perhaps I'm exaggerating? OH, I don't think so ... it seems that Free Speech is OK if your one of THEM ... They like to hear themselves just fine ...

But they don't want anyone to hear you! They censor the truth when it hurts their narrative.

Clearly Muslims are using our free speech against us in our own country. Valhalla and Jawa Report together, help make this point abundantly clear:

Terror supporting Jihadi videos and even videos by banned terrorist organizations stick like glue on youtube. As Jawa Report notes, anyone who says anything about Islam that is derogatory is labeled a bigot or Islamaphobe, while those who speak against Jews and Christians are considered as just being objective.

Posted by Richard at May 14, 2007 9:00 PM

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