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May 2, 2007

Enough Of al-Pelosi Already

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pelosi2.jpgI don't know about the rest of you, but I've had enoughl of Speaker al-Pelosi kissing up to terrorists. No sooner than I think there's not another stunt left for her to pull in pushing her liberal-progressive, anti-war, pro-jihad, "embrace a terrorist today" agenda, she up and surprises me by coming up with yet another Islamist-embracing, anti-American, pro-jihadist act. And it's perfectly clear to all but the most naive among us - her liberal Democratic friends, that the terrorists are loving every minute of it and using it in their pursuit of global jihad.

Take for example how House Speaker Nancy al-Pelosi has become quite the celebrity in Syria. According to the Washington Times, the second most popular politician in Syria these days may be Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Pictures of Mrs. Pelosi and Syrian President Bashar Assad -- officially Syria's most popular citizen -- still turn up on the local news channels, especially during coverage of the dispute between President Bush and Congress over the Iraq war spending bill.

Mrs. Pelosi's two-day visit to Damascus was a major news event here. Camera crews trailed her as she bought sweets in the ancient Hamadieh souk, made the sign of the cross at what is thought to be the tomb of John the Baptist and donned a black abaya to visit the historic Omayyad Mosque.

Mrs. Pelosi, 67, is praised as "a friend of Syria," and that makes her more influential than Oprah Winfrey and more appealing than the old Hollywood movies shown on satellite television.

Many Damascus residents say her private visit with Mr. Assad and senior ministers shattered Washington's attempt to isolate the regime.

And then, of course, there's the question of whether or not Nancy Pelosi will go along with the CAIR-driven grievance theater of the six non-flying imams, or will she protect legislation to prevent passengers from being sued for reporting possible terror warning signs. For a reasonable and well-versed (to the nature and threat of the radical Islam and CAIR's affiliation with it) American politician to have to even give this a second thought is off the ledge of reason and sanity. Yet for Pelosi, it's all about the Muslim vote - politics before country and the survival of it's Constitutional government. How clueless can someone in leadership be?

And Pelosi has the cojones to tell President Bush he needs to get a clue about Iraq?

Then there's the not so little matters of Pelosi snubbing perhaps the most pro-US leader in South America, despite his going out of his way to make the meeting happen, but she is making plans to meet with America's biggest enemy in South America in the person of Hugo Chavez. And let's not forget about Pelosi's failure to meet with General Petraeus, the commander of the most important conflict in the middle east - but she met with Syrian dictator Bassar Assad, one of the biggest sponsors of terrorism in the middle east. Go figure!

So, just who's side is the Speaker of the House on? Certainly not ours!

As depressing as her exploits are to Americans interested in the continuation of the American way of life, we need to turn to satire for a less depressing, tongue-in-cheek perspective: Speaker Pelosi Gunning for More Votes

Posted by Richard at May 2, 2007 5:38 PM

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