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May 23, 2007

Breaching America: War refugees or threats?

Topics: War on Terror

Yesterday, Michelle Malkin called it a must-see and must-read:

On The O'Reilly Factor tonight, I interviewed Todd Bensman, who completed a six-month investigation of Middle Eastern illegal aliens crossing the southern border into Mexico. He traveled to Syria, Guatemala, and Mexico to trace the human pipeline of so-called "special interest aliens." The San Antonio News Express is running his four-part series. This is a massive, thorough rebuttal to the open-borders types who blithely dismiss the national security threat on our southern border..
Michelle's talking about Todd Bensman's piece at San Antonio Express-News on May 20th, and as she aptly notes, this deserves much wider attention:
DAMASCUS, Syria -- Al Nawateer restaurant is a place where dreams are bartered and secrets are kept.

Dining areas partitioned by thickets of crawling vines and knee-high concrete fountains offer privacy from informants and agents of the Mukhabarat secret police.

The Mukhabarat try to monitor the hundreds of thousands of Iraq war refugees in this ancient city, where clandestine human smuggling rings have sprung up to help refugees move on -- often to the United States.

But the refugees who frequent Al Nawateer, gathering around Table 75 or sitting alone in a corner, are undaunted, willing to risk everything to meet a smuggler. They come to be solicited by someone who, for the right price, will help them obtain visas from the sometimes bribery-greased consulates of nations adversarial or indifferent to American security concerns.

The deals cut at places like Al Nawateer could affect you. Americans from San Antonio to Detroit might find themselves living among immigrants from Islamic countries who have come to America with darker pursuits than escaping war or starting a new life.

Continue reading ..., and if a video of the show pops up we'll post it.

Posted by Richard at May 23, 2007 12:31 PM

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