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May 30, 2007

Blogger Poll On The Senate Immigration Bill

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Not that I ever thought the poll would go any other way, however, John Hawkins has up the results of his "Special Blogger Poll On The Senate Immigration Bill," and it's very clear from the poll results that the center-right side of the blogosphere is less than ecstatic over President Bush's support of what can only be described as open borders.

John's blog, Right Wing News, emailed more than 240 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to answer 8 questions. The results will not surprise you ...

Amnesty, regardless of what you call it or how you spin it, is still amnesty! And when president Bush attacked his conservative base yesterday for opposing amnesty - he lost my support, and that of many other conservatives, for good.

While I'll continue to support the war in Iraq, I've been very unhappy with Bush's management of it, and his policies on border security have "bordered" on complete incompetence. Let's just say that I've had it with this neoliberal. How conservatives allowed themselves to be fooled so long is beyond me.

Posted by Richard at May 30, 2007 8:52 AM

Quote: "While I'll continue to support the war in Iraq, I've been very unhappy with Bush's management of it, and his policies on border security have "bordered" on complete incompetence."

President Bush should have stuck to his former bravado of "Bring 'em on" instead of turning into the fidgeting politically correct sap he's become. If he had he would commend far more respect even from his enemies than he does now.

It is sad to see how with all his cronyism(unqualified goody-two-shoes Harriet Miers, incompetent fumbling Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez - from the "Mexican" Justice Department, and corrupt sell-out U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton - also from the "Mexican Justice department - amongst others), political correctness ("...Islam is a religion of peace" - yeah, right!), "bipartisanship" (grovelling conciliatorily to the Democrats even in the face of the most vicious and heinous unrelenting attacks), unrealistic, delusiional "pipe dream" of establishing a well-ordered "American styled democracy" in Iraq (a backward, barbaric, Islamic, tribal society, fraught with internecine savagery and 1000-year-old sectarian feuds), and open borders, pro-unfettered illegal Mexican immigration, pro-amnesty, "beholden unto Mexico" stance (President Bush has to be the greatest Mexican president Mexico has ever had since that uncouth, resented, half-breed indian of Benito Juarez. Hell, he looks after Mexico's interest, and that of the Mexican people hell-bent on invading our country, far more than he does for that of his fellow Americans!), he has made of his legacy a mockery.

To think of all Bush could have accomplished, with a Republican majority for eight years in both the Congress and the Senate, had he had a bit more of a backbone, and been a man of greater vision!

It is sad to say it, but for all the "John Wayne styled" cowboy bluster and bravado with which President Bush began his administration, it seems that he will end up his tenure in the White House a la T.S. Eliot - "not with a bang but a whimper"...

What waste.


Posted by: Althor at May 30, 2007 2:20 PM

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