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May 4, 2007

Arab Leaders Admit They Are The Problem

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An amazing thing apparently happened recently that was for the most part ignored by an MSM that thrives on dancing to the tune of Democrats eager to blame Islamic terrorism on America. According to Strategy Page, the king of Saudi Arabia told the assembled rulers at a meeting of the Arab League that the biggest problem in the Arab world was poor leadership, and the incompetence of Arab leaders is the cause of the Islamic terrorism that is growing in the Islamic world. If it is indeed as Strategy Page reports, the Arab leadership isn't as clueless as I thought they were and the clueless Left in the West needs to listen up:

This was a bold statement, but not unusual for the senior people in the Saudi government. These princes have also been supporting the Arab Reform Movement, which is based on the idea that most of the Arab world's problems are internal, not the result of outside interference. Actually, most educated Arabs will readily admit that their leaders have been less than stellar, and largely responsible for the corruption and bad decisions that have put the Arab world so far behind the West, ...

But knowing and admitting to the problem does not solve it. The United States found that out after Saddam Husseins Baath Party dictatorship was overthrown. Iraqis eagerly embraced democracy, only to find that the people they elected, were not a big improvement over Saddam. Some of Iraqs new leaders backed terrorists. This was especially true of Iran backed Shia factions, which unleashed death squads that killed thousands of Sunni Arabs last year. Some of the Sunni Arab leaders supported terrorists who targeted Shias. And then there was the corruption, with billions of dollars of government money missing.

This incompetence is also, as the Saudi king likes to point out, the cause of the Islamic terrorism that is growing in the Islamic world. Indeed, these terrorists only began attacking kafirs (non-Moslems) in the 1990s when they realized they were getting shut down in Arab countries. In Egypt, Syria and Algeria, Islamic radical attempts to toss out corrupt governments all failed. While Arab leadership may suck, these guys have certainly mastered the art of running a police state.

But attacking non-Moslems, outside of the Moslem world, brought into play the Western media - and that's when everything went to hell in a handbasket, as far as the West is concerned!

Posted by Richard at May 4, 2007 9:01 PM

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