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May 24, 2007

Analyst Says Iran Drawing Up Plans to Strike European Nuclear Sites. Is U.S. Included?

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nuclear%20ahmadinejad.jpgWhile the West continues to dance to Tehran's tunes of delay, deceive, and lie, Iran is making plans to strike targets in Europe:

LONDON -- Iran is attempting to draw up plans to strike targets in Europe and has conducted reconnaissance of European nuclear power stations, a security analyst told a meeting at Britain's parliament Tuesday.

Claude Moniquet, president of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, a private think-tank in Brussels, said his organization also had evidence Tehran has increased numbers of intelligence agents across Europe.

"We have serious signals that something is under preparation in Europe," Moniquet said. "Iranian intelligence is working extremely hard to prepare its people and to prepare actions."

The center, which he said deals directly with European intelligence agencies, believes Iranian operatives have carried out "reconnaissance of targets in European cities, including nuclear power stations," Moniquet said. He mentioned no other specific targets.

This, while Europe sleeps ...

So, does this mean that we should take military action against Iran? Let's think along with Robert Blumenthal at American Science and Engineering about what happens on the day Iran makes it's first successful nuclear detonation, either in the form of a test or an attack on Israel:

... the United States will be turned upside down with fear and insecurity. Given Iran's status as the world's leading state sponsor of terror and its active and long-standing support of terrorist organizations, we will face the very real possibility of a nuclear weapon making its way inside our borders. This will no longer be the kind of theoretical threat it was in the past. Once we know that Iran actually has the bomb, the prospect of it being delivered by a terrorist group in the United States becomes real and tangible. Every container entering a U.S. port will be seen as a threat. Every truck crossing the Canadian or Mexican border will be seen as a threat. At that point we will have no choice but to screen, and screen, and screen.

What about the other scenario in which Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons? If I'm right, then the only way this will happen is via a preemptive attack on Iran. Such an attack would most likely retard Iran's progress in becoming a nuclear power, but it will unleash major conflicts in the broader Middle East and a sustained terror war against the U.S. and its interests. There have been many reports in the news of Iran making preparations for a sustained terror campaign against the U.S. in the event they are attacked.
Which leaves us with only one option - a preemptive attack on Iran.

Which means, of course, that we can expect a sustained terror war against the U.S. and its interests, and against the Europeans as the security analyst told the meeting at Britain's parliament on Tuesday.

Given the choice, get nuked by terrorists with an Iranian nuclear device, or act preemptively and fight a long terror war, neither option being pleasant, at least by acting preemptively we live as a nation to fight another day.

Posted by Richard at May 24, 2007 9:16 AM

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