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May 29, 2007

al Qaeda's Adam Yahiye Gadahn Warns of Attacks Worse Than 9/11

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Adam Gaddahn (aka. Azzam the American turncoat/traitor/now-Islamothug), the first US citizen since World War II to be charged for treason, addresses America and George Bush:

"Your failure to meet our demands ... means that you and your people will, Allah willing, experience things which will make you forget about the horrors of Sept. 11," said the bearded Gadahn, addressing his comments to President George W. Bush.

"This is not a call for negotiations. We do not negotiate with baby killers and war criminals like you," said Gadahn.

"You will go down in history not only as the president who embroiled his nation in a series of unwinnable and bloody conflicts in the Islamic world but as the president who set the United States up on its death march."

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Readers may remember that this Islamothug was previously known as Adam Pearlman; he grew up on a goat farm near Los Angeles, converted to Islam as a teenager, and has since joined up with al-Qaeda.

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I look forward to the day when the U.S. has the chunky little bastard in our sites.

Posted by Abdul at May 29, 2007 11:01 PM

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