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May 20, 2007

Al Qaeda cells in Catalonia

Topics: Eurabia, Terrorism

The announcement by Rodrigo Gavilán, the representant of the most active policemen union, CEP, of the existence of Al-Qaeda cells in Catalonia, is not suprising. But now, not only Mr. Gavilán has spoken about it, but also some responsibles of foreign secret services who are really worried about this phenomenon.

According to them, there are two methods of recruiting. The first one happens in areas of Muslim immigration, where individuals pertaining to radical cells approach teenagers and young people with strong problems of marginalization and uprooting. The second one happens on the Internet, where young that has been radicalized by themselves visit forums, chats and radical webs and are contacted there by pick up networks that first request an economic aid to them and later offer them the possibility of going to Iraq.

The "chosen ones" are made to give up their jobs and to begin working where they are offered, preferably in Moroccan building firms. Then they are sent to Iraq, where they commit suicide or they are trained in urban guerrilla and building explosives. If they are considered really valuable they are sent back to Europe where they live as sleepy cells till they are told to activate.
Between 40 and 50 Muslim residents yearly, head from Catalonia to these trips.
And what has been the answer of the Catalonian authorities -Catalonia has now their own police, known as "Mossos d'Esquadra-? Joan Saura, the Catalan Conseiller Interior -the responsible of Interior of the Catalonian Government- has dismissed the claim and has said that he has no news about that.

But there has been enough cases of Islamist terrorism in Catalonia for dismissing it so easily.
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Posted by Eurabian at May 20, 2007 8:08 AM

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