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May 2, 2007

Again, More Pro-Illegal Immigration Protests And Marches In Our Streets

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Illegal immigration protests and demonstrations are flooding our streets again, on this May 1st celebration. Of communist origin and on the anniversary of the infamous Mexican flag wielding, Ché Guevara sign bearing, insolent "in-our-face," illegal immigration rallies of last year, where millions of arrogant "illegal" aliens flooded our streets "demanding" citizenship with impunity, even as immigration authorities watched-on.

On Saturday, a cameraman for the NBC affiliate in Houston, KPRC -TV, flew a Mexican flag from his camera as he covered one of such marches in support of illegal immigration in Houston.

Many Americans have been outraged by video clips posted about the incident (one particularly), that were captured on home video in which a counter-protester with a bull horn can be heard condemning the cameraman's flag, asking: "Why does Channel 2 News have a Mexican flag on their camera?" The unfazed cameraman reacted by laughing at the counter-protesters and sneering at them in contempt, as can be seen in the clip.

As Abdul, a fellow poster, pointed out in another post about this incident here on Hyscience, the cameraman's contempt and defiance are even more telling, and insulting, than the Mexican flag he flew that we got angry about.

We have seen how one year ago, these, mostly Mexican, illegal aliens pouring over our southern border, had the brazenness to march in the millions down the streets of our cities "demanding" we change the laws they have broken to "accommodate" their "illegality."

In their arrogance and affront, they presumed to shut down businesses all over the nation and bring our economy to a screeching halt for a day, with an ill-conceived boycott, by not doing any business, buying anything, or showing up to work in protest on that day, a day they called "A Day Without Immigrants," which could have been more accurately termed, "A Day Without Mexican Illegal Aliens," and which unfortunately for them, did not have much of an impact, other than at Mc Donald's restaurants and Swift meat packing plants.

On Telemundo, a Spanish speaking network here in the U.S., the President of the Central American Republic of El Salvador, Elias Antonio Sacas, was recently interviewed in their studios. He specifically flew in from El Salvador to be interviewed at the Telemundo studios here in America, in order to urge fellow Salvadoreans, here "illegally," to take advantage of loopholes and technicalities in our immigration policies, and re-apply for a political asylum in the US that no longer applies to them, and to fight for the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform," AKA. "Blanket Amnesty" that the President and Congress wish to ram down our throats.

You would think that the Head of State of that Central American nation, when coming to America, would visit with President Bush, and or the State Department, and or Congress, not come here to a lowly TV studio, only to spread pro-illegal immigration propaganda, and promote "Blanket Amnesty" and open borders. However, this was not his purpose in coming here.

Of course, the motive is crystal clear: the biggest chunk of the Gross National Product of that "Banana Republic," as with Mexico, are the "remesas" or "dollars" sent home by the illegal aliens to their families back home! It's the mainstay of their failed economies and corrupt governments.

The Mexican illegal aliens flooding our country, like the pests they are: "cucarachas," and their insidious "special Interest Groups" supporters, like "La Raza," always show that same insolent defiance, contempt, and patronizing condescension, as that which has so infuriated so many Americans shown by the NBC affiliate's cameraman.

Their attitude is that we "owe" them citizenship, an education, free health care, and a whole slew of other social services and welfare benefits and privileges, for simply being here! Though they are here illegally, they act as if it was their "unalienable" right. Talk about democracy going to someone's head!

They insist that Spanish be spoken at government offices, schools, and hospitals, because they just feel like it, don't like English, or can't speak it - just like the three Mexican day care workers in Albuquerque suing the Day Care Center where they work, because the school asked them to talk to the children in English only, after parents had complained that their children would never learn proper English being talked to in Spanish all day long - and they not only feel "entitled" about it, but abusing our politically correct system, are confident that they will prevail in shoving Spanish as a second "official language" down our throats, much as it is in Canada with Québec!

Most Americans are not aware of the insidious campaign being carried out by the Spanish speaking media, TV, and radio stations all throughout this nation, for blatantly obvious "vested interests," since their "bread and butter" are these same Spanish speaking unassimilated illegals swarming us, to whom they cater.

For those of us who speak fluent Spanish that are against this apparently unstoppable tsunami pouring over our southern border from Mexico, taking over our country, and supplanting its national identity, it is appalling to switch to any of the national Spanish Speaking networks such as Univision and Telemundo.The world may be literally falling down and nukes flying in the skies of North Korea, yet their news coverage invariably revolves on nothing but illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, and all the political melodrama of "legalization" and trying to pass "Blanket Amnesty" legislation in Congress.

On a daily basis all these Spanish speaking TV stations scandalize all the ineffectual "token" raids and actions by ICE, portraying them as violations of basic human rights, continually stress and sympathize with the plight of the illegals crossing the border and encourage more to do so, have unscrupulous immigration lawyers in their programming advising illegal alien viewers on how to exploit loopholes in our immigration laws, openly lobby for open borders and "Amnesty," have activists from "La Raza" and other pro-unfettered immigration groups instructing their viewers on how to protest and use their political clout to influence lawmakers, and are advocates and mouthpieces of the Democrats and other politicians whom they perceive as champions of their illegal immigration causes! I am dumbfounded every time I see commentators on these Spanish speaking networks tell their illegal alien viewers to lay low, wait, and hang in there, that soon, in less than six months, the "Democrats" will pass a "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" in Congress, and they will all receive amnesty and "legal status." That's how sure they are of their "cabal."

The Spanish speaking radio stations are even worse, especially the Mexican oriented ones in L.A. and the American Southwest, some being but sick mouthpieces of Mexican indigenous revolutionary Marxist ideologies, and Ché Guevara styled violent socialist activism, riling their listeners and the masses of illegal aliens to protest and defy authorities, and inciting them to what amounts to but short of revolution!

Cynical Univision newscaster and pro-unfettered illegal immigration activist, Jorge Ramos, has repeatedly said it best, when interviewed on the subject, when sneering patronizingly with contempt at the camera he states:

"There are 12 million of us Hispanic (Mexican) 'undocumented immigrants' (illegal aliens) living here in America, and what are you going to do about it? Round them all up and deport them?"
Basking in the confidence that the immensity of the pestilential numbers of Mexican illegal aliens already amongst us, would make it unfeasible for us to deport them "en masse" - what unbridled cynicism! And then our borders keep bleeding Mexicans into our soil!

Ramos' attitude reflects the defiant attitude of a great many illegal aliens. It's an attitude of "We are here in force, we are plague, and we are here to stay, whether you like it or not... 'SUCKA'!"

Just look at that woman who has sought "Sanctuary" in a church in Chicago - a church that not being Roman Catholic does not even have the Canonical and historical legal antecedent to do so - thumbing her nose at immigration authorities and at the courts that ordered her deportation, while no one in the Immigration and Naturalization Department has the "cojones" to do something about it. Of course, if it had been Elian Gonzalez, heavily armed ICE SWAT teams would have raided the church already and have forcibly taken him out with an M-16 pointed at his face...

And then, talking about ICE, when ICE does a couple of those much publicized "token" raids to make it seem like they are actually doing something, all the illegal Mexicans become unhinged and come out of the woodwork (I wonder if big roach traps would work), to protest in force, bellowing that we are "separating families," and parading their children, as they did last weekend, as tools of propaganda, with banners and signs and Mexican flags, marching them down the streets, in a manner much like the Palestinians do with their children in the Gaza Strip - except unlike the Palestinian children, the Mexican children in these protests are not carrying weapons...yet!

These marchers parading their children cry: "Look, look, my son is an 'American Citizen' he was born here." And all because some the damn illegal Mexican aliens pointed their wive's crotches over the fence at birthing, and the kids happened to plop on the American side of the fence! Talk about "Anchor Babies"!

Personally, I agree ICE should do the humane thing, and not separate these insolent illegal alien lawbreakers from their broods.

Rather, instead of separating parents to be deported from their "Anchor Babies," these families should be kept together, and the kids simply sent back with their parents to the parent's country of origin. When they turn of legal age, 21, let them go to the American Consulate and claim their "citizenship"- perhaps by then a new sensible law stripping them of their "incidental citizenship" would be in place! In the meantime they are under the tutelage of their parents, and should be sent back home with them. Good bye and good riddance!

Perhaps when ICE really begins deporting in earnest all these millions of illegal aliens infesting us, then the rents for lower income Americans and the elderly will become affordable once again, and those Americans less fortunate or capable will be able to find the jobs, and or social services, that these illegal aliens take away from them now, and young struggling American families will be able to afford their first home without being millionaires! A father and mother with two young children cannot even compete for, or afford, a two bedroom apartment in most major cities, overpriced as they are by the artificial demand created by these illegal aliens, into which twenty illegal Mexicans will cram themselves, in unsanitary conditions detrimental to the community, by pooling their resources to pay the ridiculously inflated prices created by their demand, and by their willingness to pay it!

The Mexican flag is flown everywhere throughout the country, not only on the camera of that NBC cameraman, but all over our sovereign land - even by protesters from the flag poles of schools and post offices - and where will it stop, America? Will it stop only when the Mexican flag is also flown from our nation's Capitol?

For years, those festering anti-American sentiments in Latin America have chanted: "Yankee Go Home! Yankee Go Home!"

Well, given our present predicament I think it's about time that we in turn chant: "Mexicans Go Home!" and add: "...And Stay There!"

It's time to put a stop to illegal immigration now!

Posted by Althor at May 2, 2007 4:52 AM

You sound like a racist person. A very racist person. You have no clue. My family immagrated and overstayed their visas from Italy, and they arent Mexicans. You make very Prejudiced remarks "And all because some the damn illegal Mexican aliens pointed their wive's crotches over the fence at birthing, and the kids happened to plop on the American side of the fence!" Take a closer look at all the things you said and take them back.

Posted by: John at May 2, 2007 5:44 PM

John, you don't even remotely know what you are talking about!

The reason I speak, read, and write fluent Spanish is because Spanish was my native language as a child! I am the son of legal immigrants of Spanish descent (as in from Spain), and a naturalized legal immigrant myself! I do not begrudge others who seek freedom, opportunity, and the American Dream to come to our shores.

However, when my family came to this our new homeland, though proud of our ancestry and Heritage, we assimilated into the culture and became "Americans," and did not try to "annex" New Jersey - where we first lived - to the Spanish Crown, and or impose the Spanish language (one of the most beautiful tongues in the wolrd when "porperly" spoken - which these illegal aliens in their idioms don't), and or Spanish customs and values on our fellow Americans who had so kindly accepted us, the strangers, and welcomed us into their bossoms!

It is imperative for any nation to be able to control its borders, particularly nowadays with the looming threat of Isalmofacsit terrorism.

To accept swarms of uneducated, uncouth, manual laborers without skills, only degrades and cheapens the general chracter of our population. Most of these Mexican illegal aliens who comprise the bulk of most of the illegals amongst us, barely know how to read or write, or speak Spanish - their supposedly native language - properly; much less be able to learn English proficiently and be able to adjust and integrate.

Their pouring over our borders in hordes is unfair to all those around the world who also wish to emigrate to America, but do not have the blessing of having America in their backyards across a chicken wire fence! Or to those who are patiently waiting the long and arduous legal process! Or tothose native-born Americans being displaced and supplanted in communities all over America by this Mexican ethnic invasion!

To begin with, our cities and municipalities cannot deal with the numbers pouring into our streets from south of the border. They are taxing and depleting our social services, schools, hospitals, and other public services, and putting a strain on our communities.

They are bringign with them the baggage of 200 years of resentment and obscurantism, still calling any whites "Spaniards" or "gringos" despectively, with a wounded sense of self-identity, idiolizing such murderers as Castro's henchman, Ché Guevara, who "fusilo en el paredón" - had firing squads shoot up against a wall - countless numbers of innocent Cubans in order to stifle all opposition, and identifying with Chavéz-like leftist ideologies.

What have they to contribute to America, other than empoverishing it, and debasing and morphing our culture and our American way of life?

And then to boot there is the question of the sheer numbers! Even in science, any given environment can only support a given number of individuals. Overpopulate, and you are asking for ecological - and in this case economical - disaster, resulting in the spread of disease, famine, and other ills. In the case of all these Mexican illegal aliens, it is resulting in lower scholastic standards, deteriorating neighborhoods,rampant crime and gang activity terrorizing our communities, skyrocketing low-income rents and forcing seniors and poor Americans out of their homes, lower wages, lower standards of living, and a slew of other social ills! For one, tuberculosis had almost been eradicated from America, and is now once again on the rise!

To quote the lyrics from a song by the incomparable Cuban "Salsa Queen" Celia Cruz: "No hay cama pa' tanta gente!" - "There's not enough room for so many people on the bed." And that, my friend, is the bottom line.



Posted by: Althor at May 2, 2007 6:56 PM

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