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May 30, 2007

Action Needed: Call Governor Sonny Perdue This Morning, Demand Unlicensed Drivers Bill Goes Into Law (GA SB15)

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Digger at Digger's Realm has up a call to action for everyone that opposes illegal aliens driving around without licenses and when caught, being given nothing but a slap on the wrist and well wishes as they drive away. He's asking that you call Governor Sonny Perdue this morning (May 30 2007), at 404 656 1776 - AS EARLY THIS MORNING.

.... DEMAND that he let it become law. We need the deterrent to stop illegal aliens from driving without a valid driver's license. SB 15 serves to equalize the penalty for driving without ever having obtained a drivers license to that of driving on a suspended license. Presently, illegal aliens are given a ticket for not having a valid license, go to court, smirk while they pay a fine and then go to the parking lot at the courthouse...and drive away.

... I have praised Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue for his stance against illegal aliens in the past, but now I'm hearing rumors that he intends to veto a bill that would crack down on illegal aliens who are driving around without licenses and given a slap on the wrist.

... We need this law passed in every state, so let's get the ball rolling in Georgia!

... Here's the low down from D.A. King over at the Dustin Inman Society on SB 15 and those who are trying to stop it. (In particular note their lame reasoning, which is a thinly veiled open borders stance that puts illegal aliens first and American citizens and their safety last).

... Written by State Senator John Wiles, SB 15 is a great step in deterring illegal aliens from driving (and residing) in Georgia. Many of us worked very hard to get Georgia Senate Bill 15 through the committee process in the Georgia Capitol this past session. It passed both the House and the Senate and has been sitting on the Governor of Georgia's desk since it passed on the last day of 2007 session in April.

The word is that Governor Sonny Perdue is planning bowing to the illegal alien lobby and the illegal employers lobby and veto the bill TODAY! If the Governor does nothing, it will become law today. Many Superior Court judges and Georgia Sheriffs are supporting this public safety looks like the money may win again! YOU CAN STOP IT!

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Posted by Richard at May 30, 2007 9:48 AM

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