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April 10, 2007

Update On The Imus Catastrophe Endangering The Survival of Humanity And The Future Of Our Planet!

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

Move over "Global Warming"! The media has a new far more ominous and devastating development to follow!

Gaging by all the uproar and the coverage on the news networks, you'd think that we must now be at Defcon-2; there is turmoil and angry mobs on every Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard across the nation, the President has had to call in on the already strained National Guard to calm the black rioters looting big screen TVs and other fancy electronics, in protest of course, from ransacked Best Buy and Circuit City stores, and setting fire to cars (after meticulously stripping them of anything of value), in LA, Detroit, Atlanta, and other heavily black populated cities; the restraining bars of "white frosting" Martial Law had to be reinstated as a preventive measure over Katrina ravaged New Orleans, "The Chocolate City"; the UN Security Council has been called into a Special Session to draft a resolution condemning the incident; and the International Tribunal in the Hague avidly works as I write this, to press charges in the matter and charge the nefarious perpetrator with a "Crime Against Humanity"!

And what is all the fuss about? What ominous event seems apparently on the verge of threatening the very future of humanity and the survival of the species -judging by the way the news outlets are covering it?!?! What is this catastrophic event shaking humanity?!?!

Why, none other than shock-jock Don Imus' offensive comments on a simulcast last Wednesday referring to the, mostly black, women of the Rutgers basketball team in a game he was covering, as "rough...tattooed...nappy haired hos"! Imagine that!

Ok, until now I have taken all the "Much Ado About Nothing" concerning Imus' "nappy haired hos" remark as what it is, and should be, nothing but the off-the-wall remarks of an asinine shock-jock, whom I never listen to or like for that matter, and whose trademark as such is to offend anybody and everybody given half a chance - though I must admit he should have chosen his words more wisely when trying to convey that he thought the female Rutgers basketball players were tough...and having a bad hair day!

I also know that in today's world a "spine" is very rare to come by, as shown by the actions of, from the 15 captured British sailors and Tony Blair all mushy and weak at the knees with that barbarous madman Ahmadinejad, to the now "going out with a whimper" President Bush, to the sell-out turn-coat Republican politicians that lost Congress, to the yellow streaked cut-and-run defeatist Democrats that have succeeded them!

But after having had to seat today, while constantly switching channels trying to avoid it, through hour after endless hour of nothing but Imus hooplah, and what seems like an eternity of Imus "spineless apologia" on his part, being trumpeted repeatedly on all the news channels as if it was a world shattering event, and the very fate of humanity hanged on it, I have just had enough of it!

This while amazingly enough Rosie O'Donnell at the same time sat spewing her daily dose of hate-America venom at "Rosie's View" with no one seemingly objecting in the least, nor outraged with her as much, or even remotely in a manner, resembling all the paranoia that is being made of imus' stupidly immature and moronic remarks!

And it is utterly disgusting! All you see, as you switch from one news channel to another, is a snivelling and fawning Imus, telling the world for the umpteenth time, in just the last few hours, how pathetically sorry he is for his "nappy haired hos" comment, flagellating himself with his endless whine of "mea culpa" in the face of the ire and contempt of obscure (no pun intended), recalcitrant, black guests on the newscasts, that no one has ever heard-of before this incident happened, who virtually spit his apology back in his face howling for blood, while a cowered Imus keeps grovelling at the feet of welfare pimp Al Sharpton, like some insect grubbing Renfield pleading "Master...Master...Mercy Master!" writhing at his feet, struck by the stare of the welfare sucking vampire. Personally, I find such abject servility more offensive than his uncouth original comments! After all, it is Reverend Sharpton who has so inflamed this whole absurd situation with his race-baiting, and all his false, puffed-up, self-righteous, outrage, who is trying to milk this racial cow for all the "chocolate milk" he can get out of it, and simply won't let it go, no matter how much more Renfield...err, Imus grovels at his feet!

I say, enough is enough! And I further agree that NBC should fire Imus and get this over and done with! But not for his stupid comments about the Rutgers team, as much as because it is truly revolting and sickening seeing all the spineless grovelling and the snivelling on Imus' part! It is time to stop playing into the racial-card games of Reverend Sharpton and the other welfare pimps making a Maelstrom "world event" out of Imus' muddy puddle.

He made the offensive comments and should face the consequences. It was well of him to apologize for his improper and offensive remarks. If NBC doesn't fire him but just suspends him for two weeks, that's fine. If NBC does fire him, that's fine as well. But stop the stupid race-baiting sensationalist circus! It's not like Don Imus will be left penniless on the street and have to go apply for Reverend Sharpton's welfare along with his "nappy haired hos" anyway. But what is truly disgusting and totally unbearable is seeing this arse Imus grovelling like a spineless amoeba 24 /7 on all the news channels!

Imus should have apologized and he did. And if then those he apologized to, for whatever reasons, or as in Sharpton's case for personal gain and or hidden "agendas," they did not, or would not, accept his apology, then the hell with them! End of story! Next...

I'd like to see who has Rosie ever apologized to, even when she recently offended the memory of the victims of 9/11 on The View, and if Reverend Sharpton is as keen to have her fired, as he is with Imus! Talk about racism, bias, and bigotry!

On the lighter side of the issue, a savvy black female entrepreneur commented on a blog by the name of "Rantings of a Creole Princess" that if the ladies of the basketball team had been using the "Healthy Black Hair Care 2007" regimen, the whole unfortunate incident could have easily been averted. My hat tip to her! At last someone puts this whole disgusting racial-wannabe melodrama in perspective!

Posted by Althor at April 10, 2007 4:13 PM

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