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April 12, 2007

Terrorist attacks in Morocco and in Algeria

Topics: Africa, Islam And The War On Terror, Terrorism

I have written about the last Islamist terrorist attacks in the Maghreb, both in Morocco -2 terrorists exploded their devices, 1 was killed by police and another one elapsed the police control, with at least 2 people and 1 boy hurt, in a terrorist operation thwarted by the police, 5 months before the elections where the "moderate" Islamists of the Party for Justice and Development with whom the Moroccan King is interested in building an alliance against the Islamists- and in Argelia -where at least 22 people had been killed and more than 150 hurt in 2 very grave terrorist attacks-.

The responsibility of the attacks has been recognised by the Al-Qaeda group "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb", heir of the known "Group for the Preaching and the Combat", whose responsibles announced some weeks ago they have merged with Al-Qaeda. The first reason for this move is no other than being able to dominate all the salafists groups in North Africa and, as a result, began a campaign of hard desestabilization in the area.
The second reason is to began a campaign of attacks in Europe and specially in Spain.
Also the Counterterrorism blog has reported that we are also menaced by a relatively new group called "Organization for the liberation of Andalusia" who wants to "to declare a long war with Spain by creating a powerful front" and not "to carry out a few operations", the same day Europol has announced terrorist group ETA has recovered all the capacity to carry out terrorist operations during the so-called truce began by Zapatero. But the Leftist intelectuals have accused right-wing party PP of "planting the seed of confrontation", in a manifesto. The curious thing is that some people have signed it with some fantastic names: Cleopatra (the queen of Egypt), Francisco Franco (cinema director) or Espinete (actor and intelectual). The tragi-comedy (a very Spanish literary figure, mixture of both tragic and comedy) continues.

Posted by Eurabian at April 12, 2007 11:15 AM

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