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April 1, 2007

Sanity In The Arab World? Liberal Bahraini Author Expresses Amazing Views

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Here's an amazing video (hat tip - Mideast Youth via Sudanese Thinker) of Dhiyaa Al-Musawi offering a rarely heard (from the Arab world) voice of reason and sanity for Arab youth (and Arab leaders) - get engaged, read, be tolerant of other views, and learn - else you'll be lumped with the 70 million or so illiterate adults in the Arab world.

Dhiyaa Al-Musawi:

... I do not believe in gallows of ideology. Our problem in the Arab world is that we have many gallows of ideology and of accusations of social betrayal, on which we try to hang an intellectual, a thinker, or a poet every day, just like in the case of Naguib Mahfouz and others. We, I'm sad to say, are against creativity and civilization, and against any language that seeks common ground in society.

... In my home, I put up a picture of Jesus, because whenever I look at his picture, worlds of peace and love open up before me. It was Jesus who said: "Love thy enemies, bless them who curse thee." We need this beautiful language in our society. I also have a picture of Gandhi, whom I consider to be a very fine person, and whose [image] we should plant in the minds of our youth.

These days, sanity, reason, and tolerance are not some of the more well known characteristics of the Arab world (or for that matter, much of the Islamic world either). Dhiyaa Al-Musawi's words are unquestionably a voice that needs to be heard, but I doubt that there are very many listeners.

Posted by Richard at April 1, 2007 10:42 PM

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