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April 29, 2007

Pakistan's Talibanization

Topics: Islam And The War On Terror, Islamic Fascism, Terrorism, War on Terror

Musharraf was in Spain this week and stated he wants laws that forbid to insult Islam as this is the main cause of terrorism. Here's a translation of the most important part of his speech:

Musharraf reminded that his country has had an essential role in the fight against terrorism and said that this phenomenon can only be fought efficiently if its causes are understood. "If we don't put the foreign occupation and the repression of the Muslim people to an end, the terrorism and the extremism will continue to grow between the Muslims, alienated in different parts of the world".

He also considered "indispensable" that "the racial and religious discrimination against Muslims is ended and that the insult to Islam is forbidden as Islam is a religion that calls for peace, harmony and brotherhood".

In the joint statement it's said that "Spain and Pakistan rejected any identification of terrorism with any nation, culture or religion and compromised themselves to study some ways to strenghen and development of the intercultural and inter-religious dialogue", considering as "very positive" the Alliance of Civilizations promoted by Spain and the Pakistani strategy of "Enlighted Moderation". According to an official statement of the State Secretary for Communication, Zapatero considered that the anti-terrorist cooperation with Pakistan is excelent and Musharraf said that "poverty and marginalization are the basis of terrorism".

What is astonishing is that this is the president of the country which has a growing problem with the madrassas that are increasingly directing the country. During past days the problems have been caused by Jamia Fareedia (for men) but specially by its twin sister, Jamia Hafsa, for women. If the Government does not fulfill their demands, the girls had even menaced with commiting suicide attacks.

You can read more about this:
Musharraf wants to forbid the insult of Islam in order to prevent terrorism.

Jihad in Pakistan: now also women and children.

And remember Pakistan already has the nuclear bomb...

Posted by Eurabian at April 29, 2007 2:16 PM

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