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April 23, 2007

Open Letter To Senator Joe Lieberman

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Our country is divided today in a manner not seen since the Civil War. Rogue far-left fanatics, socialists and anarchists, and all those who despise and hate America and would wish it dissolved and replaced by a Marxist multi-culturalist commune of relativistic moral values where all depravities are permissible and the only allegiance is to one's self, and answering not to the will of the American people, but to a "Socialist, Secularist 'Internationale' World Order," have taken over the Democratic Party!

Perverting public opinion with an unrelenting campaign of propaganda in the face of public apathy and complacency, much as the Nazis did in the elections of 1933 in Germany that brought Adolf Hitler to power, the Democrats managed to marginally win elections in 2006 , in some cases winning local elections by merely a few hundreds or a few thousands of votes in constituencies of millions of people, and abrogate the reigns of power from the silent majority!

As a result, in these most dark and dismal times in our nation's history - and even as we are engaged in a savage 'War on Terror' for the very survival of our nation against a fanatical, barbarous, and determined enemy sworn to our destruction and that of our form of self-government and our way of life; an enemy that values death more than life and has no compunctions or constraints, even enthusiastically using their bomb-strapped children as weapons of terror and mass destruction; indoctrinating them from their cradle to hate and murder us, and that use 12 year-old boys heinously decapitating a human being in front of a camera as propaganda as we have recently seen - we see House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat traitors trying to put in place a "Shadow Government," and trying to set up their own "Foreign Policy" and negotiate our surrender with our enemies in defiance of the State Department's Official Foreign Policy, the policies of the President and his Administration, and in blatant betrayal of our troops dying in the battlefield and of our country; now claiming, as has "Al-Qaeda" Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (pun intended), that "the war is lost" while working feverishly to undermine our troops, deny them the very bullets to fight with for their survival, and achieve our total and humiliating defeat in Iraq at the expense of our brave young men and women in the battlefield!

That is why I would like to take this opportunity to hold Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) to his word for the sake of our troops and the very survival of our nation. Thus I write the following open letter to Senator Joe Lieberman:

Dear Senator Lieberman,

In this most crucial time in our nation's history, and even as our troops lie in harm's way while Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid does everything in his power not only to encourage Al-Qaeda and our enemies, telling them that "the war in Iraq is lost," but doing everything in his power to ensure and achieve said defeat at any cost - even at the expense of the blood of our Servicemen by denying them the very bullets with which to defend themselves - I besiege you Senator Lieberman to keep your word and switch sides and become a Republican, in the dire necessity of wresting power, and the Senate Majority Leadership, from Reid and his defeatist Democratic ilk.

Those of us concerned for Israel also realize, from the actions of Senator Reid, House Speaker Pelosi, Congressman Murtha, and their Democratic cohorts now in power in Congress, that it doesn't take a genius to extrapolate that they would leave Israel to its fate, were Israel to have need of us surrounded by a sea of hostile enemies as it is, with as much enthusiasm as they now work to achieve our defeat and for us to cut-and-run in Iraq, have tried to appease Syrian dictator Al-Assad in flagrant violation of established State Department and Administration policy, and keep making overtures of appeasement to a hostile Iran fueling the insurgency in Iraq and defiant of the world community in its dogged insistence on developing nuclear weapons!

All of us concerned about our troops and our achieving victory in Iraq, with the safety and survival not only of Israel but our own as well, and with the direction our country is taking under this present Democratic leadership - with the resulting dire consequences not only adversely affecting our nation's future, but verily the consequent course of history and the future of the world and Western Civilization - see it as imperative that we take the reigns of power from their hands... and only you can do it, Senator Lieberman!

I would like to remind you, that though you become a Republican out of the present exigencies we face as a nation, that at heart you will always be a Democrat in the proud tradition of FDR, Truman, and Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson, that it is the Democrats who repudiated you and made you run as an Independent in 2006 because you were not enough of a "leftist" and a "defeatist" for their tastes, and that it is this Democratic Party hijacked by the far-left, the peaceniks, anarchists, and other fringe groups, which has left you and betrayed you, much as it has America's traditional conservative Democrats!

America is at a crossroads, Senator Lieberman, it faces one of its darkest hours even as our troops in the battlefield are being used as "political pawns," at the risk of their safety and their lives, by such power mongering, unscrupulous, demagogues as Senator Reid, and or betrayed by Democratic leftist ideologues in Congress! The fate of our nation, of Israel, and of Western Civilization hangs on the balance. The Islamofacist terrorist enemy must be defeated in Iraq, Afghanistan, and wherever it rears its ugly head of intolerance, oppression, and death, or we let it fester at our peril. It will come knocking at our door once again, much as it did on 9/11!

The time is now, Senator Lieberman! Fulfill your promise, and your commitment to our troops in the field, switch Parties now, become a Republican, end the impasse about the war funding, and wrest the Leadership of the Senate from infamous Harry Reid, the Democrats, and America's enemies!

Our future is in your hands!



I would prompt all who are concerned for the safety of our troops and for the future of America, and that wish that once and for all Senator Lieberman would come to the rescue of our troops and our nation by becoming a Republican, thus removing the Senate Majority from the Democrats and the Senate Leadership from nefarious Harry Reid, to please urge him to do so!

Let us flood his offices with calls, faxes, letters, and e-mails, urging him to have the courage to fulfill his promise, switch Parties, and wrest the power of the Senate from Reid's hands!

Here are Senator Lieberman's addresses and numbers:

Washington, DC Office
706 Hart Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-4041 Voice
(202) 224-9750 Fax

Connecticut Office
One Constitution Plaza
7th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 549-8463 Voice
(800) 225-5605 In CT
(860) 549-8478 Fax

You can e-mail Senator Lieberman from his official website at:

For our troops!!!

Posted by Althor at April 23, 2007 8:47 AM

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