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April 1, 2007

Is Britain Toast?

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In our earlier post today we noted Rabbi Aryeh Spero's comment that unless things change, radical Islam will over the next few decades sublimate the West, without having to have even raised an army. From the dhimmitude we're witnessing in Britain today, especially in regard to Iran's latest hostage taking, it's clear that Europe, and especially Britain, is already there. Just as was lamented by the rabbi:

We fire not on their fortress mosques, nor on their ships, nor during their holy days, nor in their holy cities, nor at their "holy men." We dare not humiliate. Instead, we allow ourselves to be forever humiliated and forfeit our men and women. So concerned are we about not offending Muslim pride we have thrown away our own. The West has decided that all things Islamic are to be granted a reverence we no longer grant ourselves. The sand and plaster of the fortress mosque seems to carry more importance than even the flesh and blood of our own soldiers.
In other words, Britain's goose is cooked, they're toast, and you might as well stick a fork in them. They're done.

And while we're on the topic of dhimmitude, the U.S. is becoming no less dhimmitudious than Britain, and Europe as a whole. President Bush, fast becoming our Dhimmi-in-Chief, calls Iran's detention of 15 British sailors and marines for nine days - "inexcusable behavior," and called for their immediate release. What he should have done was warm up the B-52s and Raptors, tell Iran to fish or cut bait - release the British troops now, or we will bomb the mullahs back into the stone age where they belong. And then do it.

The ONLY thing the nutcase Islamic regime understands is strength and brute force. Screw their Islamic sensitivities. As long as we keep bending over and baring our backsides, it's US that's going to be screwed.

The Ayn Rand Institute put this a little more delicately in their press release:

"What underlies this unconscionably weak response? Fundamentally, it is the corrupt moral principle that dominates the West, the principle that regards selflessness as a virtue and self-assertion in pursuit, and defense, of one's interests as immoral. To punish Iran militarily for its many acts of war would be wrong, it would flout the will of the 'international community,' it would, on this premise, be 'selfish.' It is this premise that inhibits, and thus disarms, the West in the face of the enemy-and, as a result, spurs our enemy.
As the Institute points out, the British may hope that their timid, deferential approach will avoid inflaming the crisis and antagonizing Iran, they are instead accomplishing the opposite. The spectacle of Western nations bowing in submission to Iran, and in the view of the Iranian regime and Islamists the world over - to Islam itself, is an encouragement to Iran and Islamic totalitarians worldwide.

Posted by Richard at April 1, 2007 8:15 AM

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