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April 7, 2007

Iran TV Reacts with News and Editorials to UK Soldiers Press Conference

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Reposted for John at Freedom's Zone - original post by John at Satellite News (Iran)

Broadcast 7 April on Iranian state satellite TV (IRINN)

Part 1

Part 2

In its efforts at damage control today to counter the wave of post-debriefing reports that it had manipulated and mistreated 15 UK soldiers after capturing them in undefined international maritime space and then claiming that they were in fact in Iranian territorial waters, Iranian TV broadcast a news report and then an editorial on its IRINN network to state its own positions. The broadcasts do not bother to deny that Iran kept the UK soldiers separated, isolated and subject to psychological pressure most of the time they were being held.


Female Announcer: Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Muhammad Ali Husseini has said theatrical propaganda cannot cover up the mistake of the English soldiers and the violation of the Islamic Republic of Iran's territorial waters.

In a reaction to a planned press conference by the Blair government and the English soldiers Husseini said: The immediate transfer of the marines to a military base, the dictation of an agenda coordinated with the English and American media in the simultaneous broadcast of the goal-oriented press conference take nothing away from the evidence of the measures taken by the English soldiers to trespass on the Islamic Republic of Iran's territory.

Noting that the Blair government's unworthy tactic of putting pressure on its soldiers is nothing new, he recommended that the English government respect the national sovereignty of nations and international laws and stop trying to distort the realities in the minds of the people of England and the world.

Male Announcer: At a planned press conference at the Chivenor military base, six of the 15 released English soldiers retracted their confessions that they had trespassed on Iran's territorial waters.

From the time of their arrival in England until the time of the press conference these soldiers have been under military quarantine in South England and have been interrogated in justifying sessions with this nation's Foreign Service.

At the press conference the English soldiers used prepared statements that had been given to them. During their time in Iran these English soldiers repeatedly expressed thanks for the good behavior and intentions of the Iranians and they also admitted to trespassing by English soldiers in Iranian territorial waters.

Two of the English officers, who prior to this had admitted in Tehran to illegally entering Iranian waters, claimed at the press conference in Chivenor that Iranian forces had stopped them in Iraq's waters.

[Lieutenant Felix Carman speaks in English at UK press conference]

[Partial replay of Tehran "confession" with map by Captain Chris Air]

[Partial replay of Tehran "confession" with map by Lieutenant Felix Carman]

Male Announcer: The world's reputable media, contrary to the expectations of Blair government officials, disregarded the planned and staged press conference by the freed English soldiers. Many of the world's international news networks regarded this press conference as staged and described the contradictory statements there by the English soldiers as being completely without value.

English news networks such as the BBC and the American news networks such as Sky News, who are dominated by the Zionist lobby, made a top story of the news conference by the English soldiers.

Many of the people of the Middle East sent messages to the Al-Jazeera Network website describing the contradictory statements by the English soldiers as shameful. They said these statements were useless and an effort to cover up the English government's frustrations in the region.

[Second Clip]

Male Announcer: Efforts by Tony Blair to escape England's interventionist actions in Iran are the subject of our editorial today.

Off-screen male annoucer states editorial title: "London and continued anti-Iranian propaganda."

Female announcer: As expected, the English government pressured this nation's freed soldiers and compelled them to make statements against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As soon as this nation's 15 soldiers were freed from Iran English officials put them in quarantine under severe pressure, and after 48 hours it put several of them in front of television cameras and forced them to deny in prepared statements the realities they had acknowledged in Tehran, and some of them even claimed they were mistreated in Tehran.

The important point here is to consider what objectives the English government was pursuing in holding this staged television event, during which some of the English soldiers seemed nervous.

Fayazi, executive director of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA): The propaganda and psychological war concerning the English soldiers was carried out despite the fact that all the mass media sensed victory and success for Iran in this episode. These soldiers were immediately transferred to a military base and after 24 hours they were put in front of journalists, although some of them were not present at the press conference, including the woman who was a part of this group.

An important point is that this action was entirely predictable. During his speech at the time of the announcement of their release the president of the republic asked the English government not to put them under pressure. It was completely predictable that through the application of pressure they would try to portray their detention differently.

Female announcer: What is clear regarding the arrest of the English trespassers into Iran's territorial waters is that the English government, despite the fabrications and media propaganda against Iran, resorting to making utilitarian use of the UN Security Council, even taking refuge with the EU and seeking help from Washington, was not able to achieve its anti-Iranian objectives.

Most political and media experts believe that in this episode London experienced defeat and frustration politically, ethically and in terms of prestige. Now England is trying, by creating a propaganda atmosphere and a new psychological war against Iran, to compensate for some of this frustration and humiliation imposed on the English government and especially Prime Minister Tony Blair.


Male news announcer Farhadi: The admission by one of the English soldiers of spying near Iranian borders has brought England against another serious challenge.

The newspaper Al-Bayan reports that the measure by the English Sky News Network in disclosing that the English soldiers were spying close to Iran's border has faced the English government with new problems.

This UAE newspaper mentioned London's defeat in the crisis of the arrest of English soldiers and added that one of the arrested soldiers, in an interview with the Sky News Network before the arrest, admitted that they were gathering intelligence about the movement of Iranian forces.

This newspaper wrote that this interview showed that Iran was telling the truth about these soldiers and the statements by English officials are nothing but political buffoonery.

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