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April 13, 2007

General Counsel To The Black Panther Party, Malik Shabazz, Calls Michelle Malkin A "Political Whore" To Her Face!

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Had I not seen it with my own two eyes I would not have believed it! Tonight on The Factor, on Fox, Syndicated Columnist and noted conservative political blogger Michelle Malkin sat in for Bill O'Reilly who is in Ireland for the weekend receiving an award. And, sarcastically enough in the present charged atmosphere of "witch-hunting whiteys" who call other people "hos," one of the guests on the program, the General Counsel to the New Black Panther Party, Malik Shabazz, went into a rage during a terse exchange with Miss Malkin, and in the heat of a tirade full of racial hatred and bile, had the ill-bred, execrable, crudeness of calling her a "whore" to her face! Unbelievable!!!

This is how it all began. One of the segments of the program dealt with the way in which the Duke lacrosse players, who as it turns out were falsely accused and were just exonerated by the North Carolina Attorney General yesterday, were viciously attacked from the onset of the case by such as Reverends Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other racially motivated black activists, who not giving the accused young men the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, howled for their blood, calling them: "privileged white males who raped and abused this young black woman and must be prosecuted", as Sharpton did, passing judgement on them before they had been tried, and who ironically are now all puffed-up and outraged and have succeeded in making a mountain out of a molehill of the recent Imus incident, where shock-jock Don Imus used the term "nappy haired hos" when referring to the mostly black players of the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team, jokingly, during a simulcast game. They even have succeeded in getting Imus fired from MSNBC and CBS radio. But have yet to apologize for having pre-judged and condemned the young Duke lacrosse players, as they did in their class-conscious racial hate-mongering,, and their exploitation of the racial divide, for personal and political gains.

One of the most vocal groups in condemning, and even physically threatening with violence, the accused Duke lacrosse players at the time, were the members of the New Black Panther Party, whose General Counsel, Malik Shabazz appeared on the Factor back then, spewing all his"white devils" racial venom, making divisive and inflammatory racial statements, and demanding the prosecution and conviction of the young men in question vitriolically. A few days following his appearance on The Factor, Mr. Shabazz and his New Black Panthers held a rally and march at the entrance to the Duke University campus, where they were confronted by the campus police and its director, who did not allow them access to the campus. They proceeded to continue with their protest nearby. Though the march was termed peaceful, many white students at Duke reported being insulted and or intimidated by these individuals during the rally.

Being that the Duke lacrosse players have been exonerated, Mr. Shabazz was invited back on the program today to discuss his involvement in the case, and to be given an opportunity to apologize for his fallacious and bigoted pre-judgement of the accused lacrosse players.

Miss Malkin repeatedly asked the Black Panther leader, if in light of all that has happened since, he did not feel he owed the young men an apology for having repeatedly said that the three of them were "guilty of rape."

Unbelievably, to this, a recalcitrant and hate-spewing Malik Shabazz, rather than owning to his misjudgement and his prejudice respecting these young men, instead refused to apologize, spun the exoneration of the three students by the North Carolina Attorney General as being the result of political pressure due to the wealth and influence of their families, and had the audacity, and the indecency, to call Miss Malkin to her face a "political prostitute for Bill O'Reilly, a white man and white racist chauvanist"!!!

At first naturally taken aback by this unexpected and savagely vile verbal assault, Miss Malkin quickly recouped and retorted: "You wanna call me a whore on national TV? There's only one whore on this split screen Mr. Shabazz, and it's you." Needless to say, I wholeheartedly concur Michelle!

But what is really foreboding about this fracas by Mr. Shabazz, is that it seems to be endemic of a much deeper racial divide in our country.

Apparently below the thin veneer of the great Civil Rights victories of the 60s; of the "Great Society" and the "Welfare State" of which underprivileged blacks have been the greatest beneficiaries; of "Affirmative Action" policies that unduly favor blacks and minorities while discriminating against Caucasians; in spite of all the concessions; of the breaking of societal taboos, where interracial marriages have not only become acceptable, but are all the latest rave, a fad, to the point black men are shunning good and beautiful black women for the sake of any slutty white "ho", regardless of how fat and homely she may be - just a "status symbol," and fashionable young white girls must have a "pet nigga" just because it is the "in" thing to do; in spite of all the secular multi-culturalism and the "Kwanzas"; in spite of all that hard working and decent black Americans have been able to achieve and accomplish, since those days of the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. King; that below it all seethes a sub-culture of eternal victimization, which wallows in ancient resentments, and sells itself short, exulting in underachievement and mediocrity while blaming the "white devil" for it, and for all its woes! Bill Cosby is right.

But what will be really interesting to see, is what the reaction will be to Mr. Shabazz calling Michelle Malkin a "whore" on National TV (correction, "International TV", since it is seen around the world as the "pithy" e-mails O'Reilly receives from the four corners of the world attest) from those very same Reverends, Sharpton and Jackson, who have made such a stink of Imus' "nappy haired hos."

You would think that if the Reverends got Imus fired for saying "hos" jokingly and in passing, that in the case of Mr. Shabazz, who said it purposely as a vile insult to Miss Malkin, that they, and other Afro-American Community leaders, will adamantly demand Mr. Shabazz's resignation as the head of the New Black Panther Party, strongly condemn him for his egregious obscenity with as much passion as they have gone after Imus, and that they would disassociate themselves henceforth from Mr. Shabazz, making him "Anathema." But don't hold your breath.

Mr. Shabazz, and Reverends Sharpton, Jackson, and their ilk, have more in common than just their social activism, their skin color, or what meets the eye. Their methods and approaches may be radically different, but they share in being the purveyors of "Eternal Black Victimization." They have made careers out of being welfare pimps and Ghetto leeches, and have shown in the past that they ultimately harbor the same ancient racial hatreds and resentments as Mr. Shabazz, if in a less radical and rabid manner.

There are many double standards in America, and the racial one is one of them. Someone says a racist remark to, or offends a white person, and it is ignored, dismissed as unimportant, or taken as a joke. Someone says a similar remark about a black person, and all kinds of Pandora's boxes are set loose, and all sorts of "sensitivities" get "offended." And in the end Mr. Shabazz's despicable, ungentlemanly, and uncouth offense to Miss Malkin, may well end up as the recent controversy did concerning why it is so highly condemnable of Imus to have used the word "ho" in the eyes of Sharpton, Jackson, and others, when Rappers, and "homies" in the black community use it colloquially all the time; which query Rapper Snoop Dog responded by stating categorically during an interview, and in a contemptuous manner, that: "he was entitled to use the term 'ho' and Imus wasn't." Need I say more?

In the end, the racial divide in our country may be deeper than we choose to see; and reverse racism, and ancestral racial resentments, are as pernicious as Jim Crow was; and we may come to the sad realization that the worst legacy of slavery is not its past, but its future; and that, intolerably, we may well have to say as the white crop-sharers in the south did: that "had we known the consequences" - in this case such rabid and contemptible people as Malik Shabazz - "we would have picked the damn cotton our damn selves!"

Posted by Althor at April 13, 2007 5:30 AM

Racial divide, Althor? I think only in the minds of Black racists. I would think that most clear-thinking, common sensed, Blacks in America don't fall for the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, and certainly the hate mongers in the Black Panther Party of which Malik Shabazz is but one example, all of whom make their living on taking advantage of mostly poor, mostly uneducated, Blacks with very poor life skills due to a very poor quality family structure.

On the other hand, all of my Black friends appear to know better than to swallow these hate mongers' vile venom. And surely there are many more - take Michelle Malkin for example.

Racial divide? I think we have many dividing racists that make their living on creating and maintaining misunderstandings and bad feeling between the races.

Let's put all this racial s**t into perspective: The entire world is embroiled in a disparate battle for the survival of civilization because of the vile, violent, irrational, ideology that IS radical Islam. Suicide bombers are blowing themselves up to murder and maim innocents all over the planet. We've got a naive, gullible, liberal, blissfully ignorant to the realities of the ME and the Islamic threat we face - Nancy Pelosi thinking she's the f***ing president and an expert diplomat, cancer and other diseases killing large numbers of people all over the world, ..... and what is now all over the airways???

Imus' "nappy headed ho" comment and endless, nauseating, ridiculous, talk about racial divides for one reason and one reason only - politics.

Go figure!

Posted by: Abdul at April 13, 2007 6:55 AM

Very well put Abdul, and let me clarify that the "racial divide" to which I allude as "deeper than we choose to see," is precisely the one being promulgated and exploited, almost exclusively on the black side (you don't see David Duke and his pillow-case-wearing loonies making much of a public statement about Imus' comments, do you?), by infamous black leaders such as Sharpton, Jackson, and this rabid arse Shabazz, who are nothing but welfare pimps and Ghetto leeches, exploiting, living off, and milking dry, the "race issue"!

But the stark reality of the matter is that precisely because of the constant fanning of the flames of ancient grievances, resentments, and as you so aptly pointed out, because they take advantage of the poverty, lack of education, and deteriorating family structure within the black communities they purport to represent, these welfare pimps like Sharpton, are indeed creating a "racial divide" of their own making!

Where "we choose not to see" is in the "political correctness" of not condemning such hateful race-baiting, especially after so much progress - in many instances an over-kill - has been made towards equality, and the unification of this country, after centuries of segregation, which again as you pointed out, now more than ever must take its "naive, gullible, liberal, blissfully ignorant to the realities of the ME and the Islamic threat we face" head out of its arse, and deal with the very real threats facing all of us Americans irrespective of race or color, instead of giving credence, and a platform from which to spew their racial demagoguery, to the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, and Shabazz!

We have far more ominous things to worry about than some senile shock-jock's frivolous comments about "nappy haired hos," and the suicide bombers of 9/11 and future attacks on our soil, and or the Jihaidst bullets and IEDs aimed at our servicemen abroad, don't recognize the difference in color, or how "nappy" your hair is, or whether you are white, black, asian, or hispanic! To them we are all the "Hated Americans", "The Great Satan" they have sworn to kill!


Posted by: Althor at April 13, 2007 1:03 PM

i am a black male ,who really dont care for none of the comments..the thing i see is no one want's to own up to responsibilty..i see wrong on both side's .michelle actually provoked him .asking him beligernet..WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF NOW.she got what she was looking for {A FUEL ANGER}.really what i am saying is both are wrong also with the aledge victum,and lacrosse players...she lied,and they also invited that no apolygy should be given to her or them..they rep what they sow

Posted by: bmac at April 15, 2007 8:07 PM

Black people have always been more racist than white people. I was thrown in jail in north carolina (raleigh...crooked d.a. and judges) for something I didn't say (words mind you), by cops who took the word of a black man over me a white man. This sympathy for black people needs to stop, completely. We really should have picked the cotton ourselves... it would be a much better place to live if we had. I wasn't born a racist, but black people are making me that way.

Posted by: Patrick at April 16, 2007 9:38 AM

Black people have always been more racist than white people. This sympathy for black people needs to stop, completely. We really should have picked the cotton ourselves... it would be a much better place to live if we had. I wasn't born a racist, but black people are making me that way.

Posted by: Patrick at April 16, 2007 9:39 AM

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