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April 25, 2007

Finally! Rosie O'Donnell To Leave 'The View'!

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

rosie.jpgABC News reports that despicable Rosie O'Donnell, the hateful, overfed, paranoiac, leftist-propagandist "Sappho," who has used "The View" as a platform from which to spew all her anti- Christian, hate-America, venom, and advance her irresponsibly deranged "Conspiracy Theories" about our government being responsible for the attacks of 9/11, is finally leaving The View. At last!

However, the celebratory good news to many have been mooted, tinged with the accompanying bad news that we will still have to endure her until mid-June when her contract expires.

Rosie claims that "she wanted to stay for one more year, but ABC wanted three." One is hard pressed to believe ABC will have the gall to endure her even for three more months, much less want her to stick around for three more years.

The controversial, and hateful, snarling "Queen of Mean" took over The View, a once innocuous family oriented women's daytime show, and has turned it into a veritable war-zone platform of leftist secularist propaganda, of America-hating and Christian bashing, and into a vehicle with which to advance her twisted, aberrant, homosexual and lesbian "Alternate Lifestyles," and her looney far-left conspiracy theories.

Since first coming to the show O'Donnell quickly took over it, relegating the host, Barbara Walters, who is the founder and co-owner of the program, into nothing but a cowering and subservient pusillanimous sidekick to her overbearing "ego" and her "macho" domineering; indeed a sorry sight to see in the case of Barbara Walters, one of the legendary pioneers of women in news broadcasts and journalism.

Rosie's rants and aggressiveness - even to some of her co-hosts such as "mousy" Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who habitually cringes all impotent in the face of Rosie's onslaughts - have become so offensive, deranged, and outright outrageous, and her virulent gratuitous attacks so hatefully vindictive - such as with the Donald - that there has been increasing public outcry for ABC to fire the rabid lesbian blob of a malcontent harpy.

Donald Trump, Bill O'Reilly, and former House Majority Leader Tom Delay have been some of the public figures victimized by O'Donnell's unwarranted ire and vituperation, and have been offended, slandered, and maligned by her, gratuitously, on The View. They are some of the many who have come forward and called publicly for ABC to take action and fire her for good. Even petitions by viewers asking for her firing or resignation from the show have become a commonplace on the Internet. Most people asked, feel there is no place for Rosie and her mindless highly offensive tirades on the airwaves.

On an interesting side note, an AOL poll accompanying the article asks readers: "Are you glad Rosie O'Donnell has decided to leave 'The View'?" Out of 167, 507 votes 77% said "YES," and 23% said "NO."

When asked if Rosie's departure would make The View's ratings suffer, out of 167, 708 votes cast, 69% said "NO," and 31% "YES." Obviously the public has just had enough of her.

On a lighter note, unconfirmed rumors say that Rosie is planning to move to San Francisco after she leaves the show, where she will be on display at the San Francisco Zoo in the primates section, in a cage, hanging upside down from her sling, with a sign under the taxonomical nomenclature of "Femina Cerdus Horripilis Lesbianensis." and another sign warning: "DANGER - RABID ANIMAL - DO NOT FEED."

Goodbye Rosie, and good riddance!

Posted by Althor at April 25, 2007 3:28 PM

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