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April 10, 2007

Dear Mr. Bush - Why Can't We 'Send Them Home'

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Disclaimer: While all of us surely support "legal" immigration and human rights for all, those that have broken our laws first by coming here illegally, and then again by staying here illegally, do not deserve "special" treatment. Amnesty - by any name, flavor, or color, is still amnesty, and is the granting of special privileges to lawbreakers that American citizens are not given.

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getusedtoit.jpgPresident Bush stopped in at Yuma, Arizona yesterday to urge Congress to pass his comprehensive immigration reform plan. In his speech he stressed that security is the first line of defense, which is of course music to the ears of people like me that are damned tired of illegal aliens flooding our country - now numbering over 20 million, and as described at describes it - living by a very "un-American" second set of rules that are weakening America at its core:

... catch-and-release, a type of "sanctuary status" that diplomats don't receive, failure to appear in court, immigrant gangs, drug and human smuggling, violent crimes, massive I.D.fraud, motor vehicle violations, tax free incomes, social services, emergency room abuse, public school burdens, free medical and anchor babies.
And yes, amazingly - we are expected to buy into the myth that illegal immigration is somehow "good for America," ergo good for you and me. So when we hear our president stress border security, our ears perk up and we wait with bated breath to hear what's going to be done with the security problem 'within' our borders, thinking that surely he means that keeping illegal aliens out also includes getting rid of the ones that are already here also. Right? Wrong! Think again. Here's President Bush on the 20 million illegals that have already broken our laws to come into our country (not the 11 million he admits to being here):
... If you don't man your border and don't protect your borders, people are going to sneak in. "This problem has been growing for decades, and past efforts to address it have failed. These failures helped create a perception that America was not serious about enforcing our immigration laws and that they could be broken without consequence. ... As a result, many people have been able to sneak into this country," he said.

But he also said that the current system is broken and "you cannot fully secure the border until you take pressure off the border -- and that requires a temporary worker program."

"It is impractical to take the position that: 'Oh, we'll just find the 11 million or 12 million people and send them home.' It's just an impractical position; it's not going to work. It may sound good. It may make nice sound-bite news. It won't happen," he said.

But offering illegal aliens a free ride also won't happen, the president said.

People who entered our country illegally should not be given amnesty. Amnesty is the forgiveness of an offense without penalty. I oppose amnesty, and I think most people in the United States Congress oppose amnesty ...

[...] Illegal immigrants who have roots in our country and want to stay should have to pay a meaningful penalty for breaking the law, and pay their taxes, and learn the English language, and show work -- show that they've worked in a job for a number of years. People who meet a reasonable number of conditions and pay a penalty of time and money should be able to apply for citizenship. But approval would not be automatic, and they would have to wait in line behind those who played by the rules and followed the law.

What I've described is a way for those who've broken the law to pay their debt to society and demonstrate the character that makes a good citizen.

Some of this sounds reasonable, but the very idea of allowing an intruder that has broken into your house to take from you what doesn't belong to them - to move-in with you, is just plain nuts.

People that have come into our country "illegally" have BROKEN OUR LAWS. They do not deserve to be here in the first place. Anything that allows them to stay here circumvents the rules and laws that all of us are expected to follow. Why, pray tell, should Mexican illegal aliens be given special privileges? President Bush still doesn't get it. Anything that allows the illegal aliens to stay is amnesty. A pig by any other name is still a pig.

If you don't yet "get it," watch this video (hat tip -

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Posted by Richard at April 10, 2007 7:31 AM

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