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April 6, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Blasts Open Borders Supporter Geraldo Rivera

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

The 'debate' shown in the second video below between O'Reilly and Rivera was over the death of two teenage girls killed by Alfredo Ramos, you guessed it, a "suspected" (sic) drunk-driving illegal alien that shouldn't have been in our country in the first place, much less behind the wheel of a car to slam into the back of a car with two Virginia Beach girls inside, and kill them - a point O'Reilly stressed in his argument. When Ramos made his first appearance in court over the weekend, he had to use an interpreter since he doesn't speak English. O'Reilly has called dingbat liberal Democrat Virginia Beach mayor Meyera Oberndorf and a local judge "the villains" in the case, and also the town of Virginia Beach, an illegal alien sanctuary. In this first video O'Reilly blasts the illegals' sanctuary city policy of Virginia Beach, and you see the moronic mayor spout her clueless dribble that uses human rights as an argument for not enforcing immigration law.

Incredibly, it turns out that Ramos has lived illegally in the United States for seven years. He has a previous arrest record in Virginia Beach and Chesapake including at least one charge of driving under the influence and two for public drunkenness in the past year, but was never deported:

Hear is the "debate" between O'Reilly and the "stuck on PC" Rivera (I still remember this jerk's emotional "the sky is falling and people are dying in the dome" reporting that was, of course, wrong):

O'Reilly is absolutely right on this. Clearly, the Virginia Beach, it's city commissioners, Mayor Oberndorf, and Colon H. Whitehurst, chief judge of the city of Chesapeake, are "the villains" in this case. Immigration law is not only being flagrantly violated, criminal negligence on the part of the city, the mayor, and the judge, resulted in the unnecessary untimely death of two innocent teenage girls. It is bad enough that tragedies such as this occur as a result of legal citizens driving under the influence. To have this happen because law wasn't enforced by those who are responsible for making sure that the law is followed and enforced, is inexcusable. Rivera's (and the mayor's) argument that this is all about drunk driving and has nothing to do with illegal aliens is the same world view used by liberals in the GWOT (Great War On Terror that Democrats want to deny exists) that generalizes the acts of the murderous terrorist Islamothugs as just another criminal act, instead of a war against Western civilization by a state-sponsored radical ideology hell bent on world domination. In both cases, liberals are using a "head in the sand" approach to minimize a problem of major consequences to our culture and civilization. Unfortunately, in the case of the tragic and avoidable deaths of 17-year-old Allison Kuhnhardt and 16-year-old Tessa Tranchant, it wasn't just our culture and civilization that was affected by the condoned invasion of our land by illegal aliens, it was the very lives of two beautiful children.

The family of those two innocent children should be in all of our prayers today. They will certainly be in mine.

Posted by Abdul at April 6, 2007 7:57 AM

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