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April 9, 2007

And So It Has Begun - Iran's Manhattan Project 'Surges' Ahead

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Iran has hit the 3,000 centrifuge mark, and the radical Islamist regime's race to develop nuclear weapons before the West awakens from its slumber has begun. Iran is now embarked on the final stage of being able to provide Islamic terrorists nuclear arms.


According to DEBKAfile, the initial announcement came Monday, April 9, from Vice President Gholamreza Aghazadeh, head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, in Natanz. It was then confirmed by President Ahhmadinejad at a ceremony marking Iran's Natanz National Nuclear Technology Day. The expected announcement that 3,000 centrifuges had been installed and that they were being fed uranium hexafluoride gas came from Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani.

Also Monday, Iranian state TV announced Revolutionary Guard Gen. Mohammad Baqer Zolqadr had demonstrated the "ineffectiveness" of UN sanctions by spending six days in Moscow in defiance of the international ban on his travel. The Russians confirmed this. The general is listed with 15 individuals, whose visits all governments are required to ban.

Larijani also said his country was willing to negotiate with the West and offer assurances that its program is peaceful. But he said the West must accept its nuclear program as a fact. "If we stand strong, they will back off," he remarked.

Diplomats from Third World nations are attending the Natanz celebrations, which European Union governments have boycotted.

The West must now make a critical decision. It can continue it's sleep and appease policy in dealing with Iran and allow the world to be destroyed by an Islamist-inspired nuclear war with Iran in the near future, or it can destroy Iran's 'Manhattan Project' (Iran had help from the French) now, deal with a non-nuclear Iranian military and destroy it, and save the world from a nuclear holocaust.

However, given the West's propensity for sleeping and appeasing, my guess is that military action will be delayed until it's too late to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. The next step is running the U.S. out of the ME, sky rocketing oil prices accompanied by a disastrous effect on the world's economy, and then war. As Salim Mansur points out today at NCR-Iran, the hostage taking of British sailors by Tehran was a move to test the resolve of Britain and its allies in responding to provocation bordering on an act of war. The clerics in Tehran will wait out the remaining months of Bush in the White House for they know too well the Democratic party of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, and taking British sailors hostage is their endgame move to run the West out of the Middle East.

[...] Tony Blair's failure to respond in a manner that could not be misread by Tehran for the immediate unconditional release of British sailors only confirmed the clerical regime's estimate of the West as unwilling to contend with Iran's expansionist ambitions in the Persian Gulf region.

Tehran learned from its experience of taking American diplomats hostage for 444 days that the West could be shown for being a paper tiger as China's Mao had once described it.

The latest Iranian hostage taking should be seen in a wider context of Tehran's strategic objective of being recognized as the leading Islamic power in a multipolar world wherein Europe and the United States are no longer dominant, and in the United Nations the countries of Asia and Africa provide for the majority bloc of voting members.

[...] Nuclear capability is the guarantee the clerics seek to make Iran's position in the Middle East invulnerable to external challenge. Domestically it would make the clerical regime more formidable even as Iranians increasingly loathe the totalitarian rule of Khomeini and his political progeny.

Tehran's probing of Britain's resolve by kidnapping its sailors could be indicative of the British mood being the same as in the rest of Europe, of appeasing and accommodating Iran. If this is so and clerical rulers of Iran are proven right, then only President George Bush stands between Tehran's ambition and its consummation.

Make no mistake about it. The West's appeasement of Iran and the Islamists world wide has only emboldened them and made war all the more inevitable. With the most recent Iranian nuclear developments, we have entered the very final stages of a nuclear war with Iran and the Islamist groups they support around the globe. Only immediate and severe military action will prevent it, and I fear that the West hasn't the stomach nor the wisdom to do what needs to be done to stop the holocaust to come.

Take home question: How far along are we toward a global Leftist/Marxist - Islamist Takeover?

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Posted by Richard at April 9, 2007 11:24 AM

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