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April 2007

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April 30, 2007

Al-Muhajiroun, Omar Bakri, Abu Hamza, Finsbury Park Mosque And Terrorism Across The Globe: Connections Explained
Video: Abu Izzadeen Charged Under Terrorist Act
Go Ahead - Question His Patriotism
Iraqi Foreign Minister Calls The Bitter Partisan Squabbles In Washington For What They Are: "Warring Sects."
What's Wrong With These People!
Using Circular Reasoning To Explain Away Muslim Violence
'UnIslamic' Hairstyles, Grooming, Ties, Bowties, T-shirts - Banned In Iran
Iraq's FM: al-Qaeda Exploiting U.S. Disunity Over War

April 29, 2007

Pakistan's Talibanization
So, Just What The Hell Is Really Driving The Democrats On Iraq!
Huge Rally For Turkish Secularism (Updated)
Ofra Haza - The Greatest Israeli Singer That Ever Lived
How Does She Do That !
Good News Bad News

April 28, 2007

"Jihad" And "War On Terror" Not Terms In Obama's Lexicon
If Only Al Jolson Were Here To Coach Hillary!
Canada's Onrushing Dhimmification, The CanAmerMex Superstate, And Globalizing Labor Unions
What Liberal Slant In The Media?
Would You Shake Hands With A Jew?
US Raids Capture AQI Terrorists And Iranian Weapons
Dhimmi Alert: 'Edwards Does Not Believe There Is A Global War On Terror'

April 27, 2007

Is Islam Compatible With Democracy?
Terrorists Ecstatic With Democrats' Debate (Updated)
Goofy-looking Da'wa Expert On 'Why Media Only Project Muslims As Terrorists'
Pigophobia Strikes in Amsterdam
It's Friday
The Great Global Warming Swindle - The Film Al Gore Doesn't Want You To See
First Successful Demonstration of Carbon Dioxide Air Capture Technology Achieved
Stephen Hawking in Zero Gravity
Surprise 'End'-ing
LA Times Sportswriter Mike Penner Becoming Christine
Palestinian Christians An Endangered Species

April 26, 2007

Far-Left Bloggers Outraged Haditha Marines May Be Exonerated: It Has To Be Seen To Be Believed!
Al Qaeda Grateful to Harry Reid
Joe Lieberman: 'Only Choice In Iraq That Protects America's Security -- Stand, Fight, And Win.
Fighting Words: 'God Is Not Great' And Islam Is 'A Set Of Ill-Arranged Plagiarisms'
Jefferson Versus the Muslim Pirates - America's 'First' War On Terror
A Big Adieu To Rosie O'
Iran's Islamic Regime Intensifies War On Women
The One Minute Speech Of The Day: Surrender Is Not Appropriate
Thought Police Alert: Christians In Bull's-eye In Dems' New 'Hate Crimes' plan
House Passes Pork-Stuffed Surrender Bill
New Lung Cancer Therapies Created

April 25, 2007

Antioxidant Found In Many Foods And Red Wine Is Potent And Selective Killer Of Leukemia Cells
Little Girls In Headscarves
Embarassing Moment
Traitors & Heroes
Raunchy Rosie's Shocking Comments At Matrix Awards
Finally! Rosie O'Donnell To Leave 'The View'!
How the Media Partnered With Hezbollah
How Can Joe Lieberman Fire Harry 'Hug al-Qaeda -Screw The Troops' Reid?
Video: O'Reilly Catches Bill Moyers Telling Whoppers (Updated)
Giuliani Warns Of 'New 9/11' If Dems Win
Today is Anzac Day In Australia And New Zealand
Ali Allawi's New Memoir On Iraq Shows Collapse Was Inevitable
Louis Theroux On The Most Hated Family In America
Contact your Congressman To Attend April 25 Screening Of "Islam Vs. The Islamists"
Has The American Objective In Iraq Failed?
The Spanish Internet law and censorship
Oriental Wisdom?
Buying Political Power: How The Liberal Super-Rich Undermine America

April 24, 2007

New Cancer Warning Over Tanning Beds
What Does A Minimum Wage Increase Have To Do With Funding The Iraq War?
Feds Eye Control Of Vitamins, Supplements - Even Water, As Drugs
Diners In Shock After Man Chops Off Own Penis
Investor's Business Daily On PBS' Homage To Islamism
The Rest of the Story On The Deaths Of The Nine Members Of The 82nd Airborne
Abu Izzadeen & 5 Others Arrested in Terror Ring
Eat Crow?
Democrats, Iran & Al Qaeda- Policy convergence
Beware Of Dangerous Ham Sandwiches? (Updated)
Jihad In Pakistan (Video)
Binge Drinking Raises Cancer Rsk

April 23, 2007

Conf of Catholic Bishops Stands with Muslims Against Evil
European Terror Alert Update
'Mine Your Own Business' - The Dark Side Of Environmentalism
'There Is No al-Qaeda - Iraq Connection' - What's This? - There Is An al-Qaeda - Iraq Connection!
First Ever 3D Images Of The Sun
Virginia Tech: The Islamofascist Viewpoint
Low Vitamin D Levels Linked To Poor Physical Performance In Older Adults: Role Of Vitamin D In Cancer Treatment
'Bimbo Eruption': Sheryl Crow On Saving Paper -'Stop Wiping'
Times: Al-Qaeda 'Planning Large Scale Terrorist Attacks On Britain'
What Do You Say About A Man Who Pays $400 For A Haircut?
Open Letter To Senator Joe Lieberman
PBS In Islamist Wonderland: It's 'The Muslim Americans' Little More Than A Puff Piece For Radical Islam
Harry Reid, The 'Lost' Cause, And Telling Like It Is

April 22, 2007

Virginia Tech Slaughter Raises Many Questions
Shhhhhh! 'Gore Campaign Team Secretly Assemlying'

April 21, 2007

Iranian Nuclear Spy At Phoenix Nuclear Reactor?
Senator Lieberman's Statement on Majority Leader Reid's Comment that the Iraq War is "Lost"
Calling Out O'Reilly, Malkin, Dobbs and Beck On Not Attending 'Hold Their Feet To The Fire' Immigration Reform Rally
Drinking Tea Helps Protect Against Skin Cancer
Sunni sheikhs in Anbar form anti-jihadi political party
Speaker of Palestinian Legislative Council: 'Oh Allah, Kill all the Jews and the Americans!'

April 20, 2007

We're Fast-Approaching America's Darkest Hours
Marine Geophysics Group To Create Sea Floor Observatory
New Birth Control Pill Would Eliminate Menstruation
Turkish Christians Tortured Before Murder
Study Links Adult Dose Aspirin To Moderate Drop In Cancer Risk
Harry Reid: 'Screw The Health And Safety Of The Heroes On The Ground In Iraq.
Good News Bad News
Harry al-Reid And The Dems: The Gift That Keeps Giving - 'To al-Qaeda' (Updated)
Al Gore's Global Warming Agenda: An Inconvenient Truth Or A Convenient Fiction? (Update)
The Dangerous Islamist Leftism Of Dhabah (Debbie) Almontaser And The Proposed Khalil Gibran School In Brooklyn
Strange But True: 'Ghost Yacht' Found Off Australia
On The Virginia Tech Massacre: 'I as a Muslim, don't feel any sorrow'
Muslim Speaker Tells Of Islam's Plan For Europe And America
Giant Pipe Organ In Solar Atmosphere

April 19, 2007

EU Passes New race hatred law
Omega-3 Fatty Acid May Help Prevent Alzheimer's Brain Lesions
On Dawa And The Folding Of Tents
Study: ABC, CBS and NBC Push Global Warming Alarmism, Purge Skeptics and Hide Economic Costs
World Geneticists Stunned By Recent Revelations About Previously Unknown Genetic Scientific Breakthrough!
Religion of Peace Alert: Turkey Detains Five More In Attack On Christian Publishing House
Virginia Tech Killer's video manifesto - Long Version From CNN & NBC
VT Massacre Survivor's Horrifying Description
Drug Dispensing Tooth Could Be Controlled By Cell Phone
Cho Sheung-Hui's Manifesto Clips Part 2
Ismail Ax: The Shooter Was Another 'Son of Sacrifice'
Moonbat John al-Murtha: President's Iraq War Plan Requires A Draft (Updated)
Another Change Of Pace After A Long Day: Richard Feynman On The Inconceivable Nature Of Nature

April 18, 2007

Good Bye Sanjaya, And Good Riddance
Time For A Change Of Pace
Manifesto Of Virginia Tech Killer Cho Seung Hui (Videos)
A Tribute To Those Who Died (Updated)
The VT Massacre And 'Comprehending the Incomprehensible'
Our Culture of Passivity: 'Protecting' our 'children' at Virginia Tech
Breaking: VT Killer Left 'Manifesto and Videos' With NBC (Updated)
Stephen Hawking On Black Holes
Iran's Dirty Hands Extend To Taliban
Indian Herbal Remedy Offers Hope In Pancreatic Cancer
Tony Blankley: 'Imus Affair Less About Imus And More About Motives Of Attackers'
Breaking: Supreme Court Rules on Partial Birth Abortion
Jack Thompson On Fox News Talks About Video Games And The Virginia Tech Killings
Hizb ut-Tahrir in Spain: Jihad Online

April 17, 2007

While The VT Killer Was Killing, Where Were The Men?
Gun Control Is BS
New Study Shows Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half
Walid Phares: 'British Minister Fails the War of Ideas'
Breaking: VT Killer's Name Released (Updated)
Ahmadinejad tells the West: 'Abandon your oppressive behavior. Otherwise you and your nations will be harmed'
YouTube Poster: Islam Has A Chip On It's Shoulder The Size Of A Mosque
Vacuity And Consensus: 'Leftist Bias in Academia'
Britain Stops Using 'War On Terror' Phrase - Wants U.S. To Use More 'Soft Power'
Spanish Communist leader to convert to Islam?

April 16, 2007

Holding Pelosi Accountable
Massacre At Virginia Tech (Updated x 5)
Al-Sadr Playing His Final Card
Researchers Explain Effect of Broccoli, Soy On Cancer Cells
Taxpayer funded Jihad training in New York City
Democrat Leaders Contravene US Policy By Meeting With Terrorists
Obama In Tampa: 'The Sun Is Shinning On Me'

April 15, 2007

Democratic Senators Meet With Iranian Regime Envoy
Minnesota Installs Muslim-Only Sinks
IRINN Cartoon: UK Sailors Go Home
Christian Bookstore Bombed By Palestinian Islamic Terrorists
Those Nondescript 'Militants' Are At It Again
About That Tough Day In Iraq
Carnival Of Insanities
Dying Star Bursts in Near-Perfect Symmetry

April 14, 2007

Montreal Muslims Charged With Firebombing Jewish Community Center
Video Game Calls For Killing 'Homicidal Jesus Christs'
New Research Sheds Light on Cancer Tumor Survival During Radiation Therapy
Diane Sawyer And Larry Elder On Imus

April 13, 2007

Will The Real 'Nappy Headed Ho' Please Stand Up
Dead British Soldiers Don't Get To Sell Their Stories
The Imus Flap
Study: Tyrannosaurus Rex And Chicken Related
General Counsel To The Black Panther Party, Malik Shabazz, Calls Michelle Malkin A "Political Whore" To Her Face!

April 12, 2007

Terrorist attacks in Morocco and in Algeria
The Duke '88'
Imus And The Outraged Afro-Americans
Bacon Is A Hate Crime
Jesus Tomb Film Scholars Do A Reverse

April 11, 2007

Iran And State Sponsored Armageddon
NC Atty General: 'Duke Lacrosse Players Innocent Of All Charges'
Study: 'Stress Causes Cancer Cells To Resist Treatment'
Utter Insanity At The UN - Iran Reelected Vice Chairman Of U.N. Disarmament Commission.
Getting More Stupid On The Global Warming Bandwagon (Updated)
As Iran's Nuke Program Advances
Rape-Stopper Has Teeth
Pelosi And Lantos May Go To Iran
Fatwa Issued Over Pakistan Minister's 'Embrace of Foreign Man'
Duke Players Case To Be Dismissed - Time For Nifong To Get His Due
"Al Sharpton: Nappy Headed Race Ho?" - Bravo Professor Adams!
More On The PBS Shelving Of Film On Moderate Muslims

April 10, 2007

Risky Experimental Treatment Provides Some Hope For Type I Diabetes
More Islam vs. Islamism: M. Zuhdi Jasser Interview On Muslim Extremism
PBS Dropped 'Islam vs. Islamists' On political grounds
Larry Birkhead's 'Da Daddy'!
Update On The Imus Catastrophe Endangering The Survival of Humanity And The Future Of Our Planet!
Islamist Dies From 'Bad Cabbage'?
Imus Sent To Penalty Box For Two Weeks
What Media Bias? Ahhh, Let's Trace The Dots!
Should John Walker Lindh's Sentence Be Reduced?
Dear Mr. Bush - Why Can't We 'Send Them Home'
Peddling Stupidity - The Postmodern Scholarship Of A 'Radical Cyber-feminist'

April 9, 2007

Discovery Of Natural Tumor Suppressor Variants Could Lead to New Therapies For Diabetes, Heart Disease
British Female Seaman Faye Turney Gives First $200K Interview (Video)
New Drugs Bring Breakthrough In Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes
Our New "Greatest Generation": Our "300"!
And So It Has Begun - Iran's Manhattan Project 'Surges' Ahead
More BBC Bias: War Hero Story Banned
Easter Follow-up
Another Top Democrat Offers Credibility To Terrorists
Scientists Say 'Not So Fast' On Climate Gloom And Doom

April 8, 2007

Iran TV: Iran Demonstrates "Power and Independence" by Releasing UK Hostages
Iran TV: Crackdown on Female Attire to Begin Soon
Easter Celebration Traditional Latin Catholic Mass

April 7, 2007

Islamic Terrorism That's Not In The U.S. Mainstream Media
Iran TV Reacts with News and Editorials to UK Soldiers Press Conference
Pelosi's Trip To Syria Conducted In Blissful Ignorance Of The Realities Of ME

April 6, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Blasts Open Borders Supporter Geraldo Rivera

April 5, 2007

John Gibson: The Enemy Within: Democrats Ban 'Great War on Terror'
WaPo Slams Pelosi's Attempted Foreign Policy Coup
"I Hate Democrats": A Bit Of Humor In These Trying Times
President AND Secretary Of State Pelosi ?
The Changing Demographics In Europe And The Flight From Islam
Heartwarming Hamas Family Moments
The Team Of Pelosi, Assad, And Nasrallah

April 4, 2007

I Really Dig Alanis Morissette
Listen to terrorists endorse Nancy Pelosi
Reform Party Of Syria: 'Damage Caused By Pelosi's Visit Will Be Felt For Years To Come'
Tired Of Rosie O'Donnell Pimping For The '9/11 Was An Inside Job' Conspiracy Crowd ?
Sick Islamotards Attack Blogger Over Old Cartoon Issue
The Democrats Nix Of 'Global War on Terror' Begins The Rebuilding Of The Wall That Led To 9/11

April 3, 2007

Dhimmicrat Pelosi Embraces Symbol Of Radical Islam
New Kuwaiti Minister Shuns Wearing The Hijab
CNN's Michael Ware - The Terrorists' Whore
Christians Fleeing Lebanon But They Need Not Worry: Pelosi Plans To 'Change Syria's Behavior'
Damascus airport has become the hub for thousands of Hizballah, Hamas, Jihad Islami fighters heading out to Iranian training camps

April 2, 2007

McCain Talks - But Also Does The Walk
Radical Madrassas Flourishing In Pakistan (Incredible Video)
Democratic Senators Read And Feingold To Introduce 'Cut - 'N Run', 'Retreat And Defeat' Legislation
Research Shows Mechanism For Arresting Tumor Growth
Terrorists Targeting Students: Our Kids Are Not 'Alright'
Pelosi And The Dems: Seeking A Separate Peace?
Dhimmitude In Belgium: Brussels Prosecutes Aramaic Priest For Islamophobia
'Great Firewall of China'
British Researchers Grow Human Heart Valve From Stem Cells
What Now, Pelosi Foreign Policy?

April 1, 2007

Sanity In The Arab World? Liberal Bahraini Author Expresses Amazing Views
Gender linked to development of skin cancer
Spiritual Warfare Needed: Help Save Marine Corporal David Emery Jr.
UK Teachers Drop Holocaust And Crusades 'To Avoid Offending Muslims'
Iraq: A Pessimist's View
American Traitor: 'Speaker bin-Pelosi'
Is Britain Toast?
Is US Ready To Strike Iran On Good Friday ?
England's New War Motto: 'We Shall Not Fight'