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March 21, 2007

Where's Mahmoud's Mahdi?

Topics: Iran

Ahmadinejad_Twelfth_Imam.jpgAhmadinejad's mystical pre-occupation with the coming of the Mahdi has long raised concerns that a nuclear-armed Islamic Republic could trigger the kind of global nuclear conflict he envisions will set the stage for the end of the world. Many had this in mind when in December of last year WorldNetDaily reported that an official Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting website said in a program called "The World toward Illumination (note the ideologically-based emphasis on state security)," that the Mahdi will form an army to defeat the enemies of Islam in a series of apocalyptic battles, in which the Mahdi will overcome his archvillain in Jerusalem, and he would arrive with Jesus by the spring equinox.

Given Ahmadinejad's prediction, an email from a reader (hat tip - Jay) asks why it is that no one is calling Ahmadinejad on his failed prediction of the 12th Imam returning on "The Spring Equinox". Today is March 21 2007.

Soooo...., Mahmoud, where's the Mahdi?

Posted by Richard at March 21, 2007 10:19 PM

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