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March 30, 2007

The West Continues To Allow Itself To Be Humiliated By Iran (Updated)

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As new video is shown on Iranian TV (hat tip - Dan Riehl), the UN turns its back on Britain, and Iran releases yet another letter and video from the female hostage calling for withdrawal from Iraq, and another by a marine, I can't help but wonder about the wisdom of allowing an outlaw regime that is the primary supporter of terrorism in the world today, continue to humiliate and threaten a seemingly clueless West with impunity. Appeasement of Islamists is a long-proven failed policy that only results in exhibiting weakness to an enemy that takes advantage of such weakness, only to cause increasing conflict and danger to the West.

The "capricious, and indeed downright wicked, behavior of the Iranians" towards Britain's sailors and marines makes it abundantly clear that the civilized world cannot let the Ahmadinejad regime develop nuclear weapons. It is now time for the West to recognize the fact that sooner rather than later, Iran's lethal contempt for the rule of international law is going to mean war.

As I asked in January of this year, when is the American (and now the British) public going to stand up and say enough is enough? The time has come to decide that we're not going to play Iran's game anymore, especially while Iran stalls, cheats, lies, and deceives (and baits) the West as it races to the development of nuclear weapons and prepards for a nuclear war.

This cartoon does a great job of depicting how the West deals with Iran and how Iran is unpacifiable (hat tip - Jawa Report):


Iran TV English Report on Abducted UK Sailors (Latest video) - "This is IRINN English newscaster Reza Mohajer's English version of Iran's side of the story of its abduction of 15 UK Sailors in the Shatt al-Arab waterway."

Iran TV: UK Sailor "Confesses" - Announcer: Another English soldier who was arrested for illegally entering Iranian waters announced in a television interview: "I regret entering Iranian waters and I hope this will not be repeated."

Hat Tip - John of Satellite News (Iran), The Right Nation (for the open link)

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Iran wants to quit the international community, but the international community won't let it.

Posted by Richard at March 30, 2007 9:11 AM

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