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March 5, 2007

Illegal Aliens Use 'Anchor Babies' To Flood U.S. Population

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

AnchorBabies.jpg[Click image at right to download video of Lou Dobbs on Anchor Baby debate - "Illegal Immigration via the Birth Canal"]

What do you know about "Anchor Babies"?

Each year, thousands of women enter the United States illegally to give birth, knowing that their child will thus have U.S. citizenship. Their children immediately qualify for a slew of federal, state, and local benefit programs. In addition, when the children turn 21, they can sponsor the immigration of other relatives, becoming "anchor babies" for an entire clan.
The cost to all of us from our government continuing to allow this is incredibly enormous!

The birth of an anchor baby is only the beginning. As the child grows he or she is entitled to a multitude of other taxpayer-funded programs. Since most anchor babies are classified as "minorities", they can expect to enjoy legal preference over "non-Hispanic white males" under today's "civil rights" regime. Upon reaching adulthood, the citizen anchor baby is eligible to import relatives from the home country through America's nepotistic chain migration system , in which the principal qualification for a prespective legal immigrant is having relatives already in the U.S. When you look at the vast cornucopia of benefits, you have to conclude that the U.S.A. offers powerful incentives for illegal immigration. For those who disobey U.S. law and their children, America is certainly the land of opportunity!

Remember this "Anchor Baby"?

Posted by Richard at March 5, 2007 8:28 AM

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