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March 26, 2007

British Sailors The Latest Fallout From Carter's Legacy (Updated)

Topics: Iran

Jules Crittenden reminds us how Carter's resolve not to do anything in 1979 sent a clear message to Iran: It's party time with American prestige and power in the world:

The 53 hostages came home alive, and thousands of people have died since as a direct result of Iran's boldness and deceit, including hundreds of Americans murdered in cold blood. Iran did not get the Shah, the original object of the hostage seizure, but it got the gift that just keeps giving. The knowledge it can flaunt international law and push around opponents well over its weight. It has been spreading terrorism throughout the Middle East ever since, sparking and fanning the flames of war.
More at Forward Movement ...

Meanwhile, as Iran's gradual conquest of the Middle East proceeds uninhibited, its supporters, China and Russia principally, have no intention to limit Iran's ambitions:

Khamenei and his face man, Ahmadinejad, are claiming dominance over the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf. Their capture of the British troops coincided with a large naval wargame that emphasizes the point. Every neighboring nation -- including our allies such as Kuwait and Israel -- is threatened.

We need to challenge Iran to greater effect than it challenges us. To do so we need not -- openly -- go to war with Iran. But we should begin by imposing real penalties on Iran for each act of aggression. Every time an American is hurt or killed by an EFP in Iraq, Iran should pay the butcher's bill. Every act of war, every act to subvert friendly governments in the Middle East, every attack on one of our allies by an Iranian force or proxy should be answered quickly with acts that cost Iran dearly, and assists Iranians to rebel against the ayatollahs. Each of our allies should be assured -- publicly -- that we will defend them against Iranian aggression.

People speak of "the military option" against Iran as if it consists only of a massive ground invasion, huge air attacks and an occupation like Iraq. (emphasis mine)

However, as Jed Babbin points out at Human Events, the idea of such an invasion is nonsense. We have so many options -- some of them secret -- that we should begin employing now. With Iran rapidly moving to complete its development of nuclear weapons, later is going to be far too late for the world to survive.

Iran's act of war against our British allies.

Most important, the world should keep in mind that Iran has undertaken this latest military aggression while it is still a conventional military power. That means that Britain and the U.S. can still respond today with the confidence that they maintain military superiority. That confidence will vanish the minute Iran achieves its goal of becoming a nuclear power. Who knows what the revolutionaries in Tehran will then be capable of.
How Long Will We "Bend over" and Take it?

Posted by Richard at March 26, 2007 11:07 AM

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