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March 19, 2007

About Those 'Moderate' Mullahs

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... rather, perhaps we should be asking, "What moderate mullahs"!

Reuel Marc Gerecht writes what must become clear to all of us sooner or later if we're to avoid an Islamist-initiated global nuclear holocaust, even the political agenda-first, nation-last, Democratic leadership attempting to appease and George Soros, Peter Lewis, David Geffen, The Kos kids and their ilk:

... a clerical Iran sensing victory in Iraq--victory defined by the withdrawal of U.S. forces--would have no incentive to negotiate on its nuclear-weapons program. The United States should not fear talking to Iran--we have done so repeatedly since 1979. But in the past, we have almost always done so poorly. It's hard to imagine U.S. diplomats being any more successful today, unless the Bush administration underscores its willingness to use force against the mullahs (the exact opposite of the approach many senior officials in the Pentagon and State Department have so far used). If we do this, the clerical regime will certainly respect us more. And unless they respect us--unless they fear us--diplomacy will have no chance. This is Middle Eastern Politics 101. If we don't know this rule--if we unlearn it because of Iraq--the clerical regime will again painfully educate us about what "constructive engagement" means for men who still believe they are the cutting edge of a new Islamic civilization.
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Posted by Richard at March 19, 2007 12:03 PM

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