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February 28, 2007

There Are 'Good' Reasons For Talks With Iran And Syria?

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Dan Riehl notes that Jules Crittenden and some others seem skeptical of potential talks with Iran and Syria, and although he's a hawk, he believes it makes sense to talk to Iran for some very specific reasons.

While I agree with most of Dan's reasons for 'giving talk a chance', there is the very real danger that our side might actually believe what Iran says or promises. Given Iran's more than 20 year history of deceit and lies, there is absolutely nothing that Iran could say or promise that can be believed or trusted. Toss in the fact that Iran's Islamic regime is expert at al-taqiyya, and the fact that Europeans and many Americans are so gullible as to fall for it over and over and over again, and a reasonable person would have to ask himself, what's the point of talking? Of course talking is always better than war, but Iran's intentions are clear, and the choice for war that has already been forced upon us whether we realize it or not, is not ours.

To help make my point, take for example this short compilation of clips on the Iranian Nuclear program, Iranian Military program, Ahmadinejad, and Ayatollahs. If it, along with all that Iran has said and done so far, doesn't convince us that Iran intends nothing less than the attainment of nuclear weapons and the destruction of America, then all of us deserve our fate should we fail to stop them - now.

In the video we learn how Iran uses "talk and negotiation" and the diplomatic process to buy time to develop their weapons. The game of diplomacy is being lost by the West and won by the Iranians, as they offer hope then do a turnaround. Talk to Iran? Only if we are preparing for war at the same time, as Iran is doing.

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Posted by Richard at February 28, 2007 3:51 PM

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