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February 10, 2007

That Phoney Balony Unity Accord Didn't Last Long

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Palestinian%20culture.gifA key issue of importance to Palestinians has been an accord on sharing power in a coalition government between Hamas and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. The deal supposedly brokered by Saudi diplomats Thursday was that Hamas would respect past peace deals with Israel. The Palestinians had hopes the unity deal reached in Mecca would end the economic embargo on the Hamas government, since the Palestinian's culture of violence, intolerance, and hate is so completely incapable of generating anything in the way of international commerce.

The Palestinians need an international handout since they are little more than a group of panhandling ideological zealots that expect everyone else to take care of them while they do everything possible to kill themselves and the Israelis. And as expected, what was agreed upon by Hamas at Mecca lasted only as long as it took Hamas to get back Gaza:

Officials from Hamas and Israel dashed hopes yesterday that a Palestinian unity deal reached in the Saudi holy city of Mecca would end a crippling economic embargo or lead to a resumption of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.

"Our battle with the Israeli enemy is still on," Fathi Hamad, a Hamas leader in Gaza's Jebaliya refugee camp, told thousands of supporters.

He urged militant groups to resume attacks on Israel and denied that Hamas would respect past peace deals with the Jewish state -- a central element of the accord between Hamas and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas brokered by Saudi diplomats Thursday.

"We will be the spearhead of jihad ... to defend Palestine and Arab and Muslim nations," Mr. Hamad said, according to an Associated Press dispatch from Gaza.

As so many have said before, Palestinians have allowed themselves to evolve into a culture that goes from one corrupt leadership to another, from one crisis to another, from looking to one handout to looking for another, and from using one excuse for a failed society - to yet another. And yes, they're doing it yet again.

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Posted by Richard at February 10, 2007 6:10 AM

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