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February 5, 2007

Tampa Bay's Loss Was A Win For Indianapolis

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Since I happened to be in Tampa during the Super Bowl this year, I had the opportunity to hear and see how the Bucs fans felt about Tony Dungy and the Colts. I was curious as to who most of them would be cheering for since both Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith had previously been with Tampa Bay. It turns out that everyone I spoke with, and almost everyone they knew except for people from Chicago, pulled for Tony Dungy.

And the quote of the day came from a Beef's Grill customer who said, "The big loser is the team that hired a foul-mouthed angry guy that IS a character and fired a soft-spoken man WITH character. He was of course speaking of the Tampa Bay firing of Tony Dungy and the hiring of foul-mouthed, angry, Jon Gruden who won the Super Bowl for Tampa Bay with the team built by soft-spoken gentleman, Tony Dungy, who in turn went to Indianapolis and built another team that went to the Super Bowl, and won. Prior to Gruden replacing Dungy, Dungy had pulled the team out of the gutter and built the Bucs into a Super Bowl contender.

While both Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are good men of sound character, it was Tony Dungy that was replaced by Gruden, and Tony Dungy was and still is loved by many Tampans. Dungy and Smith are indeed very nice people.

That Dungy and Smith are nice guys is shared by Captain Ed, who has a piece on the Dungy win that reminds us that nice guys do finish first:

We've all heard the Leo Durocher saying, "Nice guys finish last," a tenet by which Durocher lived his life as manager of both the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants. Too often in sports (and business, and politics, etc etc etc) we celebrate the successes of the sharks -- those people whose drive to win pushes them past any sense of ethics and humanity, and the lesson always seems to be that only the obsessed win in life. That's why it becomes so important to tell the stories of those who reach the pinnacle without leaving their humanity behind -- and such is the case with Tony Dungy, the soft-spoken man who persevered and won a Super Bowl.
Be sure and read the rest of Captain Ed's piece, with links to more on Dungy.

Posted by Richard at February 5, 2007 1:04 PM

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