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February 8, 2007

Lebanese And Israeli Troops Exchange Fire On Border

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Apparently the incident occured when Israel's bulldozer crossed the frontier near the bIsraeli border village of Avivim (some reports say it was near the border village of Maroun el-Rass) while clearing the area of explosives set by Hezbollah - the ones that UNIFIL was suppose to keep Hezbollah from setting in the first place:

Lebanese and Israeli troops are reported to have exchanged fire on the border between the two countries.

According to Israel's army radio, Lebanese army troops fired on Israeli forces as they scoured a border area for explosives.

It is reported the Israeli soldiers shot back with tanks and light weapons and Lebanese soldiers were injured.

Lebanese officials say their troops opened fire on an Israeli army bulldozer which had crossed the border.

A Lebanese army spokesman said: "An Israeli bulldozer crossed into south Lebanon.

"Our forces opened fire at it. It pulled back and there was a brief exchange of fire."

When a bulldozer is considered a threat while clearing explosives from an area next to a village, explosives that weren't suppose to be there in the first place , we know two things: The people on the Lebanese side of the border have a serious lack of common sense and judgement, and the UN still isn't doing its job. The UN agreement that ended the recent war is the disgusting joke that everyone predicted. Who can forget that the war was ignited by Hezbollah's capture of two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid and that the U.N. resolution calls for their release. The Shiite terrorist group, Hezbollah, has yet to comply and the UN has yet to disarm them - as agreed upon as a condition for Israel to stop bombing Lebanon into oblivion.

Yesterday it was reported that Israeli defense officials claim Syria is still arming Hezbollah militants in Lebanon in defiance of the U.N. resolution:

An official who did not want to be identified told the news service Israeli intelligence had learned Syria recently shipped a large number of Russian-made anti-tank missiles, short-, medium- and long-range missiles to the Shiite group in Lebanon.

"Again, Hezbollah is growing in strength before our eyes and we're standing by idly," the official said.

The source said Hezbollah militants have adopted a new smuggling route north of the Litani River, far from where the U.N. peacekeeping force called UNIFIL is stationed. He claimed the U.N. troops were aware of the smuggling, but could do nothing to stop what they couldn't see, the report said.

Our take home message is that Israel and the West should never believe a promise made by a radical Islamic group and we should never trust the UN to do what it says it will do.

Posted by Richard at February 8, 2007 7:28 AM

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